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Bulgaria, Gabrovo - bg/12


The following 6 companies/groups:

•             Association Shipka 1 Consultants , with participants 3TI Progetti Italia - Ingegneria Integrata, PI EU Consult and Kontpas;

•             Infra Invest Shipka DZZD, with participants Plan Invest Plovdiv, Infra Control, Infraproject Consult and Metroconsult BG;

•             Gabrovo/Bipka Consultants DZZD, with participants Strol - 1000  and Infram;

•             DZZK PatConsult 2000 Three Eu IRD, with participants PatConsult 2000, Three Eu and IRD Engineering;

•             DZZD Transconsult-Sveko , with participants Transconsult -BG and Sveko EnergoProekt;

•             Bridge PII- SGS 2020, with participants Putinvest-Engineering AD, SGS Czech Republic and Garnets BG.

sent tenders for  the public procurement for construction supervision in the design and construction of  a 10.553 km section (7.6 km new construction and 2.9 km reconstruction of the existing road I-5 Gabrovo – Kazanlak), including 5 tunnels with a total length of 4,011 km. The Shipka tunnel will be 3.22 km and the other 4 tunnels are smaller - 171 m, 240 m, 90 m and 290 m respectively. The indicative value of the construction supervision order is EUR3.19 million (BGN 6.24 million), excluding VAT.

Duration works 1280 days, or nearly 3 and a half years. Visit http://www.api.bg. 18/20.