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Belgium, Brussels-Koln - be/11

High Speed Railway

  Commencing 1999. One 6.2 km tunnel required at Soumagne. August 1998.   Restricted tendering for 5.94 km-long double-track Soumagne tunnel on German border published by SNCB, Belgian state railways. Cut-and-cover sections of 177 m and 388 m at the portals. Excavated section 110 sq m for finished section of 69 sq m. Geology comprises coal-bearing, calcaceous and siliceous schists with limestone. NATM excavation supported by fibre-reinforced shotcrete, rockbolts and lattice girders with final lining of cast concrete with waterproof geomembrane. Construction to take 40 months. November 1999.   Open invitation to tender, deadline 23rd April, 2001, for construction of section of Brussels-Liege railway including five cut-and-cover tunnels totalling 2 km in length. Contact SNCB, fax +32 252 97810. Published European Gazette 22nd February, 2001 and at http://ted.eur-op.eu.int Visit www.tucrail.com 12/01.   Award of $130 million contract for twin-track, 6 km-long Soumagne tunnel on Brussels-Cologne line to consortium of Galere, CFE, Duchene, and Bouygues using drill/blast and roadheaders for completion 2004. Visit www.tucrail.com 20/01.   Award of construction contract to Betonac for 4.5 km section of Brussels-Liege-Koln railway with five cut and cover tunnels totalling 2 km. Visit www.tucrail.com 41/01.  Excavation start on 29th November, 2001 of the 6.4 km Soumagne tunnel between Vaux-sous-Chèvremont and Ayeneux. Four attacks, one from Vaux, two from the 30 m-deep 20 m-wide Bay Bonnet shaft, and one from Ayeneux. Geology consisting of shale with coal veins, sandstone, and limestone. Completion in August, 2005. 51/01.Negotiated procedure, deadline 15th March, 2004 for anti-fire equipment, fitting out of the track bench and lighting of the 5,940 m dual-track Soumagne tunnel. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=027571-2004, OJ S 31, or contact SNCB, Brussels, fax +32 25297810. E-mail scb@tucrail.be or nde@tucrail.be 10/04.Galere, the Belgian unit of BAM NBM, won a EUR82 million contract to build the 14 km subsection Elsaute-German border subsection of the Liege-Aachen section, including a 1.1 km cut-and-cover tunnel. The dual-track tunnel will be 17.7 m in width and 7.35 to 12.3 m in height. Diaphragm walls, 1.2 to 1.5 m-thick, will first be built and a concrete slab will be installed. Excavation will take place under the concrete slab. Ground investigation is under way to determine the excavation method. Visit www.galere.be 14/04.SM Paque, Besix, VS & E and Danheux & Maroye have secured a EUR10.8 million contract for fire protection equipment, track bench outfit and lighting of the 5,940 m dual-track Soumagne tunnel. Visit www.besix.com 41/04.