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Argentina, Buenos Aires - ar/21

Flood Mitigation

The Buenos Aires government plans to build the Maldonado Creek rainfall flood mitigation project. The creek currently flows into a rectangular conduit under Avenue Juan B. Justo. The project will alleviate flooding in Villa Crespo and Palermo. It will mainly consist of two flood relief tunnels, each featuring a 6.9 m outer diameter. The longest tunnel, 10 km long, will run under the avenue up to La Plata river. It will be connected to the current conduit in Cuenca and Honorio Pueyrredon. The second relief tunnel, 5 km long, will run under Godoy Cruz from Niceto Vega. It is also planned to build 40 km of secondary ducts to channel rain waters to the new tunnels. Both tunnels will be built using two EPB or mixshield TBMs. The project would require a USD130 million investment, financed by the World Bank. Tenders would be invited by year end and a contract award is expected for September 2005. Construction will take four years. More details on the TBM design directly from Ing. Ricardo Rebagliati, Subunidad de Proteccií³n contra Emergencias (SUPCE), Avenida Cí³rdoba 1261 Piso 2° (1055) Capital Federal. Tel./Fax +54 1148168074 / 8410 / 8411. E-mail ppi@supceba.com.ar 43/04.Prequalification, deadline 13th October, 2005 for construction of two tunnels to relieve Maldonado Creek main sewer and associated works. Innder diameter of 6.9 m for both tunnels, lengths of approx. 4,600 m and 9,900 m between shafts. Tunnelling in ruban area by closed face EPB shields or mixshields, in cohesive on non-cohesive soils, at varriable depths of 13 to 23 m. Associated works includes circular shafts, 14 m in diameter and about 20 m deep, and 15 m-diameter 30 m-deep discharge and pumping structures, two of which will be connected to the tunnels. Muck volume of 735,000 cu m. Visit www.buenosaires.gov.ar/areas/planhidraulico/?menu_id=10153 or contact Gobierno de la Ciudad autí³noma de Buenos Aires, UECBA-SUPCE, Avenida Cordoba 1261 2° Piso contrafrente, 1055 Buenos Aires. Tel. +54 114816 8410 / 8411 / 8074, fax +54 114816 8074, e-mail ppi@supceba.com.ar and nlietti@buenosaires.gov.ar 40/05.Ghella scooped a ARS454.2 million contract to build two flood relief tunnels from the main storm drainpipe of the Maldonado creek basin, with important associated works, as well as reinforcement works of the storm water secondary system of collectors, to avoid significant inconveniences generated by floods that are produced by storms. The Maldonado creek crosses Buenos Aires from southwest to northwest. The relief scheme consists of two 6.9 m-diameter tunnels and associated structures, i.e. three diversion and connection structures, which will transport the water from the main outfall to the two new relief tunnels; a discharge and pumping structure to enable the discharge to La Plata river through an outlet canal; and two ventilation chambers (one for each tunnel). The short tunnel (Tunnel 1) is 4,579 metres long and the long tunnel (Tunnel 2) is 9,864 metres, for a total of 14,443 metres. Construction will last four years and will multiply by five the level of protection against floods, in line with the level of protection of other major cities around the world. Click here to view a map of the alignment. Visit www.ghella.com 07/08.