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Sweden, Western Northland - se/35


Periodic notice for the construction of the Bjässholm, Murberg, Gí¥rdberg, Svedjeberg, Kroksberg and Utansjö tunnels, as part of the Adalen rail line or Adalsbanan. The Bjässholm tunnel includes a 3.5 km main tunnel, a 3 km service tunnel, a working tunnel and cross passages between the main tunnel and the service tunnel. Murberg is a 1,520 m main tunnel and a 200 m service tunnel. The Gí¥rdberg tunnel spans 835 m. The Svedjeberg tunnel is 165 m long. The Kroksberg tunnel includes a 4,540 m-long main tunnel, a 4,450 m-long service tunnel, a working tunnel and cross passages. The Utansjö tunnel spans 300 m. All main tunnels are single-track tunnels. The tunnel section is 48-53 sq m. Click here to see a design. Geology is granite and metagreywacke (a type of hard sandstone). Drill/blast method. Support with bolts, concrete injection and shotcrete. Dumper trucks for muck away. First contract announcement in February 2006 for tunnelling start in March 2006, last contract award in autumn 2008 for work start in spring 2009. The Adalsbanan is a rail link between the Bothnia line and the east coast line in north Sweden. The project comprises a new 21 km section between Harnosand and Veda, including several tunnels totalling about 9.5 km. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=173086-2005, OJ S 174, or contact Banverket, Gävle, tel. +46 26144040 or 706901909. E-mail johan.sundin@banverket.se or kalle.frolander@banverket.se. Also visit www.banverket.se/adalsbanan 38/05.Lemcon has been awarded a SEK399 million contract to build the Bjässholm tunnel on the Adalen rail line or Adalsbanan. The assignment includes a 3.5 km main tunnel, a 3 km service tunnel, a working tunnel and cross passages between the main tunnel and the service tunnel. Click se/35. Visit www.lemcon.fi 01-02/07.Lemcon of the Lemminkäinen Group has been awarded a construction contract worth EUR54 million. The new Kroksberg railway tunnel will be built on a new track section between Härnösand and Veda, forming part of the 100-year-old Adalsbanan line that follows the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. The Kroksberg tunnel will be 4.5 km long and when completed it will be longest tunnel on the line. Work at Kroksberg has already started with the construction of two adits, and excavation of the main tunnel will begin in the summer. The tunnel will be completed in early spring 2010. The client is Banverket.The Kroksberg tunnel is Lemcon's second railway tunnel contract on the Adalsbanan line. In January 2007 the company started work on the construction of the adjacent Bjässholmen tunnel. A total of six tunnels with a combined length of 11 kilometres will be built on the new 21 km-long track section. The Adalsbanan line connects to the Botniabana line, on which Lemcon has constructed a number of tunnels in recent years. Click se/35. Visit www.lemcon.fi 18/07.Oden Anläggningsentreprenad secured a SEK259 million contract to construct the Murberg tunnel on the Adalsbanan line. The Murberg tunnel is on a 2.5 km railway section and includes a 1,680 m single-track main tunnel, to be built mainly in rock with concrete portals, and a 680 m rescue and service tunnel. Construction will start in June 2007 for end in August 2009. Visit www.oden.nu and www.banverket.se/adalsbanan 23-24/07.Oden Anläggningsentreprenad secured a SEK112.7 million contract to construct the 835 m Gí¥rdberg tunnel on the Adalsbanan line. Visit www.oden.nu and www.banverket.se/adalsbanan 31/08.