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Iceland, Northwest - is/21


Periodic notice being a call for competition aiming at reducing time limits for the receipt of tenders for construction of a 5.1 km-long 8.7 m-wide two-lane road tunnel in northwest Iceland, between Isafjordur and Bolungarvik. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=142025-2007, OJ S 115, or contact Icelandic Road Administration, Reykjavik, fax +354 5221079 or 5221609. E-mail rg@vegagerdin.is or ge@vegagerdin.is 26/07.Open call for tenders, deadline 15th January, 2008 for construction supervision and quality control of the 2-lane, 8 m-wide, 5.1 km Oshlid tunnel in northwest Iceland between Isafjordur and Bolungarví­k. Included in the project are also two concrete bridges and 3.7 km-long access roads. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=279490-2007, OJ S 229, or contact Vegagerdin, Reykjavik, fax +354 5221079 or 5221609. E-mail rg@vegagerdin.is or ge@vegagerdin.is 49/07.The low bid to build the 5.1 km-long, 8.7 m-wide í“shlid single bore tunnel has been submitted by a team of Islenskir Adalverktakar (Iceland) and Marti Contractors (Switzerland) with ISK3,479,000,000. The other contenders are Istak of Iceland (ISK3,988,415,815); a team of Mestrostav (Czech Republic) and Hafell (Iceland) with ISK5,994,997,894; and Leonard Nilsen & Sí¸nner (Norway) and Heradsverk (Iceland) at ISK3,667,297,368. The cost estimate is ISK3,950,000,000. The expected date for the contract award is 9th April, 2008. 13/08.Iceland Prime Contractor (IAV) and Marti Contractors signed on 8th April a ISK3.48 billion contract to build the Oshlid tunnel. The tunnel is 5.1 km long and 8.7 m wide and the portals are 310 m long, so the tunnel will stretch for 5.4 km in total. The contract also includes 3 km of roads and there are also two bridges, of 8 m and 32 m in length. The bid from IAV and Marti was 88% of the owner's cost estimate for construction costs. The whole tunnel is on land, under the Oshlid mountain. The planned excavation method is drilling and blasting with jumbos and explosives in rock. The tunnel will be constructed from both ends. The planned primary support is rock bolts and shotcrete with reinforcement fibres. The final lining will be shotcrete and it is also planned to install water and frost protection, with 45 mm-thick PE plates, and 60 mm-thick shotcrete on top. The plates will only be set up at places where water is coming to the tunnel. The planned method for clearing of blasted rock is with dump trucks. Construction will start in May 2008 but the tunnel excavation is planned to start in August 2008 and end in October 2009. End of works is planned in July 2010. Visit www.iav.is and www.marticontractors.ch 17/08.The construction supervision contract has been awarded on the same day to two Icelandic consultant firms, Geotek and Linuhonnun. The contract amount is ISK222 million. Visit www.geotek.is and www.lh.is 17/08.