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Switzerland, Gotthard Base - ch/21

Faido Section High Speed Railway

Invitation to tender for 2.65 km-long access tunnel at Mairengo. August 1999.   Faido section has shortfall in dumping capacity and can accommodate only 2 million tonnes. Possible solution is a separate 5 km-long muck transport tunnel to meet the advancing east tube from Bodio. Some spoil will be selected by the geologist at the face for crushing as aggregate. October 1999.Open invitation to tender for lot 452 of Gotthard AlpTransit project involving construction of access galleries and the Faido multi-functional station, deadline 7th December, 2000. Contact Lucerne office, fax +41 412 260600. Visit www.alptransit.ch July 2000.   Award of 14 km-long Faido-Sedrun sections, including Faido emergency station, to TAT consortium of Zschokke Locher, Alpine Mayreder, CSC, Impregilo, and Hochtief. Visit www.zschokke.ch 31/01.   Atlas Copco announced an order for five drill rigs placed by Consorzio TAT (Tunnel AlpTransit), including Zschokke Locher, Alpine Mayreder Bau, Hochtief, CSC, and Impregilo to construct the 16.6 km Bodio and 15.1 km Faido sections of the Gotthard base tunnel. Excavation to start in spring 2002. Atlas Copco will deliver the first part of the order during the first quarter. Visit www.atlascopco.com/rde and www.boomer-rig.com 52/01.  2.65 km-long Faido access completed at 12% downgrade and caverns for multifunctional ststions under excavation using Atlas Copco Rocket Boomer L3C and Cat 966G loaders and 725 dumptrucks. Herrenknecht TBMs from Bodio will pass through Faido and relaunch at 9.3 m-diameter. 27/02.