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Paraguay, Asuncion - py/11


Breakthrough of $17 million, 3 km-long, 1.6 m i.d. Itay sewer tunnel announced on 30th June, 2000 as first-ever TBM-driven tunnel in Paraguay. Tunnel supported by 2 m i.d. x 0.61 m segmental primary lining with curved bolts and hydrophilic gaskets and 180 mm-thick in-situ concrete final lining. 3 off 5.5 m-diameter access shafts and 11 off 3.5 m-diameter intermediate shafts to maximum depth of 30 m. Unideutsch 2.4 m-diameter EPB achieved best performance of 743 rings/month and 35 rings/24 h day. Overall scheme value $90 million also includes new treatment plant, long river outfall, and 450 km of collector sewers funded by World Bank, European Investment Bank and Paraguayan government. It will provide sewage collection and primary treatment for 25% of population of Greater Asuncion. Visit www.halcrow.com August 2000.



Peru, Moquegua - pe/27


Electric Power Company of the South (Egesur) has awarded the EUR102 million contract to build the Moquegua 1 and 3 hydroelectric power plants in Peru, which have a total installed capacity of 34 MW, to the consortium composed of Sacyr (Spain) and GCZ Ingenieros (Perù).

Duration of the contract is 30 months. The Moquegua 1 project a hydroelectric power plant (CHM1) will be 15.3 MW of power. This project will include connection work with the current Huaracane channel, a conduit of 8,360 m, with three tunnels totalling 1,800 m in length, the engine house, the electric substation and the transport line.

The Moquegua 3 project (CHM3), is to supply 18.7 MW of power, and includes a water intake on the Sajena creek, a conduit of 7,211 m, with a tunnel of nearly 2,660 m, a machine room and unloading works to the Sajena ravine. In addition, an electrical substation and a transport line will be also built.

Visit http://www.sacyr.com and http://www.egesur.com.pe. 30/19.






Peru, Lima - pe/26


Invitation to tender from Electroperu SA for  supervision during underwater inspection of the 19,314 m water conveying tunnel for the Santiago Antunez de Mayolo hydro. Click here and here for more details. RNP (Registro Nacional del Proveedor) registration is needed click here to view http://www.rpn.gob.pe. For further information contact Electroperu SA, att.n Oscar Mendoza Concha,  Logistic Analist, San Juan de Miraflores,  tel +51 1 7083208 | 940310125, e-mail omendoza@electroperu.com.pe. R.U.C. N° 20100027705. 03/16.


Peru, Huancavelica - pe/25


The 50:50 JV of Astaldi (Italy) and Group GyM (Peru) has won the EUR494 million Cerro del Aguila hydro development project. The EPC project includes a 380,000 cu m concrete dam, a 510 MW underground power plant, 9 km of tunnels and 60 km of access roads. Work starts Q4/2011 and will take four years. Visit www.astaldi.com and www.gym.com.pe. 45/11.


Peru, Cuzco - pe/24


Astaldi Group has been awarded the EUR70 million contract for civil works for Santa Teresa underground hydroelectric plant, located in Peru's Machu Picchu Region. The 30 month contract includes a 98 MW underground plant with 6 km of tunnels will be executed by a 50:50 JV of Astaldi and the Peruvian group GyM. Visit www.astaldi.com. 45/11.


Peru, Lima - pe/23


The JV Astaldi (60%)/Graí±a y Montero (40%) secured the UDS116 million contract, duration 29 months, for the construction of 90 MW Huanza hydroelectric power plant. The works include the construction of a RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) dam, a 10 km tunnel, a hydroelectric power plant and a switchyard, for completion in 29 months. Visit www.astaldi.com and www.gym.com.pe. 44/09.


Peru, Junin Department - pe/22


Integral project tender with prequalification, deadline 15th June, 2008 for design, build, operate and maintain contract under a 30-year concession for the Huascacocha-Rimac water project in Junin department, located between 4,200 m and 4,800 m asl. This project is necessary to convey raw waters from the Mantaro river basin to the Marca III system and then to the Santa Eulalia river basin. It will transfer water from the Huascacocha lagoon to the Rimac river. The owner is the Ministry of housing, construction and sewage. The project includes a 3 km tunnel, 2.5 m wide and 3.5 m high (the upper part features a 1.25 m radius). The geology is volcanic rock of the Calipuy formation. This is an integral project tender, which means that each bidder is free to define a different tunnel route which would imply a shorter or longer length and different conditions for the tunnel. Contact Mr Jorge Leí³n Ballén or Ms Rossina Manche Mantero, ProInversií³n, tel. +51 16121200, ext. 1327, fax +51 16121210, e-mail manche@proinversion.gob.pe. Visit www.proinversion.gob.pe/0/0/modulos/JER/PlantillaFichaHijo.aspx?ARE=0&PFL=0&JER=2912 and www.proinversion.gob.pe/RepositorioAPS/0/0/arc/TEASER_HUASCACOCHA/TeaserHuascacocha-2008mar12-Esp.pdf 20/08.


Peru, Lima - pe/21

Drinking Water

International tender, deadline extended to 10th March, 2008 for the sanitary improvement project of Lima's marginal areas, lots 1, 2 and 3 consisting in a turnkey lump sum design/build contract for a water intake in the Rimac river; the potable water treatment plant in Huachipa and a pipeline named northern leg or Cono Norte main line. The northern leg is a pressure pipeline of approximately 26 km long, including two 5 km tunnels, featuring a cross-section of 2.40 m x 2.40 m. There is no intermediate access so that there will be two drives in each tunnel from the entry and exit, each drive having a length of 2,500 metres. The Republic of Peru received a loan from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). A time frame of 930 days is expected to prepare the designs and construct these important projects. Contact Servicio de agua potable y alcantarillado de Lima (Sedapal), Autopista Ramiro Prialé n° 210, Distrito de El Agustino, Lima. Tel. 51 13173036, fax +51 13623097 or visit www.sedapal.com.pe/contenido/lpi-004-2007bs.pdf 07/08.Consorcio Huachipa led by Brazilian construction firm Camargo Corríªa won the contract to design, build and operate the second biggest water treatment plant in Peru, valued at USD270.9 million. The new plant will be built in Huachipa, in the metropolitan area of Lima. Camargo Corríªa formed a consortium with French OTV, in which the Brazilian firm has an 81% share. As part of the contract, Camargo Corríªa will operate the plant for the first four years, investing USD33.7 million during the period. The Huachipa treatment plant will supply potable water to 2.4 million people in eight municipalities in the metropolitan region (Lurigancho, San Juan de Lurigancho, Comas, Carabayllo, Los Olivos, San Martí­n de Porres, Callao y Puente Piedra). As part of the project, the consortium will build a 10 cu m/s water intake on the Rimac river, the Huachipa water treatment plant for capacity of 5 cu m/s, a 26 km distribution network for capacity of 5 cu m/s, named northern leg, two tunnels, each 5 km long and 2.40 m x 2.40 m wide, and five reservoirs. Click pe/21. Visit www.camargocorrea.com.br 36/08.


Peru, Ancash Region - pe/20


Pöyry has been awarded a design services contract by Electricidad Andina, a Peruvian private development company, for the Santa Rita hydropower project. The contract includes basic and tender design services. Situated 560 km northeast of the Peruvian capital Lima, the Santa Rita project is a run-of-river hydropower plant with a daily regulation reservoir, a 14,716 m-long 6.9 m horse shoe-shaped concrete lined pressurised headrace tunnel, to convey water to an underground plant with an installed capacity of some 220 MW. The project is financed jointly by Electricidad Andina and Trading Emissions Plc of England. Visit www.poyry.com 50/06.


Peru, Guayaqui - pe/19


International call for tenders, deadline 7th October, 2005 for construction of a 2 x 1.5 km tunnel through San Eduardo hill in Guayaquil. Each tunnel will carry three lanes. The underground passage will link up El Bombero, Martha de Roldos and Carlos Julio Arosemena avenues, north of the city, with Gomez Rendon street and Barcelona avenue in the south. The project is budgeted at USD54 million. Contract award by the end of the year. Construction will take approx. 26 months. Entry in service in late 2007 or early 2008. Visit www.guayaquil.gov.ec/downloads/convocatorias2005/Tuneles.pdf and contact Municipality of Guayaquil, Secretaria del Comite de Contrataciones, Palacio Municipal, Tercer piso (Departamento de Asesoria Juridica), Calle Pichincha 605 entre Clemente Ballen y 10 de Agosto. 37/05.