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Kuwait, Kuwait City - kw/11


  Greenline (Lebanon) and Kuwaiti Brueckner Construction using numerous Herrenknecht AVN machines from 500 mm to 1,200 mm to drive up to 1 km/month on different projects. Contact through www.herrenknecht.com April 2000.



Kyrgyzstan, Taldyk Pass - kg/11


A 2,000 m tunnel alternative under the Taldyk Pass at an altitude of 3,000 metres is under study by Finnroad as part of the improvement of the Silk Road between Osh and Erkesh Tam. The tunnel will not be feasible before the volume of traffic is sufficient. It would be a single tube, 11 m-wide including pedestrian sideways. Expected geology is limestone. Drill/blast method. Support with rockbolts, shotcrete and steel arches, if needed. The timing of the project depends on political decisions yet to be made by China, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Excavation is roughly estimated at $20 million. Financing by loans from Chinese international financial institutions. The client will be the Kyrgyz ministry of transport and communications. Visit www.finnroad.fi 07/02.



Laos, Bolikhamxai and Khammouan Provinces - la/11


Completion of first project on the Nam Theun river, largest tributary of the Mekong river. Located 100 km above the confluence. 210 MW power station and headstocks are above ground. Recchi-CMC, a consortium of Italian construction companies, excavated 5.5 km-long, 45 sq m-section low pressure headrace tunnel between the upper Nam Theun and the lower Nam Hinboun reservoirs where the difference in elevation is 240 m. Tunnel will transfer 110 cu m/sec of water. Three identical 12 m-long self-propelled steel forms with hydraulic winches to enable the equipment to tackle 14 % gradients were supplied by CIFA Spa along with 5 cu m concrete mixers mounted on Astra 4WD dumpers and trailer-mounted concrete pumps. Average 28 m/day of lining completed over five-month period. Visit www.cifa.com for more information. December 1999.CMC signed a EUR180 million construction contract for the Theun Hinboun expansion project. The project is the expansion from 220 to 440 MW of the installed capacity of the existing hydroelectric power plant originally built by Recchi-CMC JV in 1995-1998. The contract has been awarded by Theun Hinboun Power Company Ltd, owner and operator of the existing power plant and co-owned by Electricité du Laos (60%), Statkraft, the Norvegian state-owned utility (20%) and GMS Power of Thailand (20%). CMC is responsible for the design and construction of all civil works included the hydromechanical equipment. Design consultants will be Coyne et Bellier of France and Lombardi of Switzerland. The completion of the works is scheduled after 40 months. Visit www.cmc.coop, www.coyne-et-bellier.fr and www.lombardi.chThe expansion includes a 65 m-high regulating dam, about 20 km upstream of the existing Theun Hinboun weir; a new water intake and a second concrete lined headrace tunnel, 5,500 m long with internal diameter of 6.5 m, running parallel to the existing tunnel; a 1 km steel penstock with diameter ranging from 5.3 to 5.8 m; and a new power station, with one Francis 220 MW turbine. 38/08.Sweco has been contracted to act as the owner's engineer on behalf of Theun Hinboun Power Corporation (THPC) during the implementation of the Theun Hinboun expansion project. The contract, worth over EUR5 million, includes design review, contract management and construction supervision. Expertise to be provided by Sweco includes all traditional hydropower engineering disciplines such as civil and structural engineering, hydrology, geology, geo-technology, dam engineering, mechanical engineering, turbine engineering, electrical engineering including transmission, and distribution. The civil works include construction of a 70 m-high RCC dam, a 6 km-long TBM-driven headrace tunnel, two separate power stations (220 MW and 60 MW) and two separate transmission lines. Click la/11. Visit www.sweco.se 40/08.


CMC (Ravenna), engineering consultants for the Theun Hinboun project, have awarded the precast segment mould contract to Euroform Srl, a subsidiary of Herrenknecht located in Gessate, Milan. Euroform will supply in June, 2009 four sets of wheeled vibrated moulds and a segment production carousel. Each precast concrete ring comprises six segments, with the invert segment incorporating the housing for the TBM back-up rails. Each ring is 1.6 m-wide with 6.9 m ID and 7.46 m OD. The carousel will produce 4-5 segments/hour.Visit www.cmc.coop, www.euroformsrl.it and www.herrenknecht.com 13/09.



Latvia, Riga - lv/12

District Heating

Invitation to tender by negotiated procedure, deadline 06.02.2009, for construction of district heating mains in Ventspils, including tunnel beneath Venty river. Tenders or requests to participate should be sent to Ieva Uluka in Riga, tel +371 670 26402, e-mail ieva.uluka@vidm.gov.lvhttp://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=849-2009 02/09.


Latvia, Riga - lv/11

Marine Highway

$150 million finance sought for three-lane, twin-tube tunnel beneath Daugava river between Daugavgrivas Street and Ganibu Street, to be completed 2005. Try www.britain.lv 22/01.



Lebanon, Mount Lebanon Governorate - lb/13


The Government of Lebanon (GoL) intends to build an Expressway from Khaldeh to Nahr Ibrahim on a PPP basis. Total length of the expressway is 38 km divided into a tunnel section of 12 km and a dual 3-4 lane expressway of total length approximately 20 km, Interchanges, service roads and bridges.  GoL might consider splitting the execution of this expressway into different standalone sections for ease of implementation and for securing the funds for the expropriation.

Starts at the town of Khaldeh South of the city of Beirut and heads northward through Choueifat, Hadath, Hazmieh, then Dikwaneh, Baouchrieh, Jal El dib, Antelias before it connects to the existing Northern Highway at Dbayeh north of Beirut. A new tunnel from Dbayeh to Nahr Ibrahim.

Project timeline:  Due diligence completed - March 2019,  Launching the tendering process - March 2020, Contract Award - September 2020. Contact HCP (High Council for Privatization and PPP), attn. Ms. Diala Chaar, email dchaar@hcp.gov.lb or CDR (Council for Development and Recostruction), attn Mr Elie Helou, email  elieh@cdr.gov.lb. Visit http://hcp.gov.lb/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/NAHR-IBRAHIM-EXPRESSWAY.pdf. 11/18.


Lebanon, Beirut - lb/12

Water Transfer

Council for Development and Reconstruction in Beirut awarded to the Italian contractor CMC di Ravenna a EUR 165 million contract to develop the water network in Beirut. The project, partially financed by the World Bank, consists of building 24 km of tunnels and pipelines using two TBMs. Visit http://cmcgruppo.com/cmc/files/2011/09/20150114_libano_-eng.pdf. 09/15.


Lebanon, Awali - lb/11

Water Transfer

Design studies by Montgomery Watson include 4.1 km tunnel 2.8 m-diameter from Joun hydro station to purification plant at Ouardinaye and 19.7 km bored aqueduct to conduct treated water to Khalde, south of Beirut. Cast concrete lining with some steel in places. World Bank funding. Prequalification in process. April 1999.



Lesotho, Matsoku - ls/12

Water Transfer

5.7 km standby tunnel to carry 55 m3/sec from diversion weir on Matsuko river when water is available. Joint venture of Hochtief, Concor and Impregilo known as Matsoku Civil Contractors with consultants Matsoku Diversion Partnership comprising Consult 4 in joint venture with Lescon/FMA. Access adit 190 m long completed and work proceeding on 5 m-high, 4.5 m-wide horseshoe-shaped main tunnel being driven straight on 1:230 downgrade using drill/blast in basaltic formations. Crown will be sprayed with fibre-reinforced shotcrete and invert will have concrete channel. Advances of 25 m to 30 m/week being achieved. March 1999.  The 5.6 km Matsoku tunnel and its related diversion weir have been inaugurated on 26th October, 2001 as part of Phase 1B of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. Work commenced on 2nd February, 1998. Total cost of the contract, funded by the European Investment Bank, estimated at M241 million. Phase 1B is scheduled for completion in 2003. Visit www.lhwp.org.ls/projecthistory/project-history.htm 48/01.


Lesotho, Mohale - ls/11

Water Transfer

  32 km-long, 4.1 m-diameter gravity-flow connection through basalts with occasional dolerite dykes between future Mohale reservoir and recently completed Katse reservoir using TBMs from each end and lined with concrete segments. Intake end will utilise existing 5.3 m-diameter Wirth TBM ex delivery tunnel north of previous contract and second TBM is 4.7 m NFM ex-Ecuador. Both machines are double-shielded. Hexagonal lining segments manufactured at site. Advances of 750 m/month per machine anticipated. High and low level intake tunnels 200 m long joining 100 m-deep gate shaft. Drill/blast operations at both ends to prepare TBM launch chambers. 800 m-long access adit at intake end for muck tippler and conveyor. Commenced February 1998 for completion January 2003. Design and construction supervision consultants: LHTP, a joint venture of Consult 4, Lahmeyer and Mott MacDonald. Contractors: joint venture of Hochtief, Concor and Impregilo. March 1999. Payments of $1.25 million bribes during 1988 by a number of participating companies to a former executive of the project have been traced and are under investigation by the Maseru court. Sept 1999.


Invitation to Tender, deadline 12.01.2018, for the construction of Polihali Diversion Tunnels, Part II of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP), a bi-national project between the governments of Lesotho and the Republic of South Africa, intended to provide water to the Gauteng region of South Africa and to generate hydroelectricity for Lesotho. The 38km long concrete-lined gravity tunnel will connect Polihali reservoir to the Katse reservoir.  Interested Tenderers may obtain Tender Documents at NO COST, from the Phase II project website http://www.lhda.org.ls/phase2/tenderbulletin/ from 30 October 2017 to 13 November 2017. A mandatory pre-Tender meeting will be held on 14 November

2017 at 09:00 am (registration from 08:00 am) Lesotho time in the Mokhotlong District, Mokhotlong – Lesotho, at the Mokhotlong Hotel. This will be followed by a mandatory site visit on 14 November 2017 at 12:00 pm.  Visit http://www.lhda.org.ls/phase2/tenderbulletin/tenderInformation.aspx?ContractNumber=4022.

Ref.n.4022. 45/17.


The SCLC Polihali Diversion Tunnel Joint Venture, composed by Salini Impregilo S.p.A. (South Africa ), Cooperativa Muratori Cementistri CMC di Ravenna (South Africa ), LSP Construction Ltd (Lesotho ), CMI Infrastructure Ltd (South Africa ) secured the contract for the construction of Polihali Diversion Tunnels, Part II of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP).  Visit http://www.lhda.org.ls/tenderbulletin/docs/C4022%20Notce%20of%20Award.pdf.

Ref.n.4022. 16/19.