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Iran, Tehran - ir/16

Metro Link

Nurinco to provide $100 million for 25 km-long underground link between Mahrshahr and Hashtgerd on which work will commence immediately and take four years. Visit www.irna.ir 12/01.25 km-long rail connection between Hashtgerd and Karaj interchange with Tehran metro line 5 in design for construction within 4 years, funded by $100m Chinese investment. Visit www.irna.ir 41/01.


Iran, Tehran - ir/15


Invitation to tender for approximate 5 m-diameter hardrock TBM exploratory tunnels 5 km-long at Talon and 6.3 km-long at Alborz. Partnering with Iranian company necessary. Contact Mohammadi Behrooz sazh-sazan@infopars.net 04/01.


Monenco Iran signed a contract for Consultancy & Supervision Services for Construction of the Tehran- Shomal Freeway (Mechanical and Electrical works). The client is Tehran-Shomal Freeway company.

Tehran-Shomal Freeway is in Northern part of Iran, connecting Tehran to cities of western Mazandaran province. Currently section 4 is in service and section 1, 2 & 3 are under Construction. Section 1 starts from Azadegan Expressway and the Hemmat Expressway interchange in Northwestern part of Tehran city to Doab, Shahrestanak, Alborz Province. This section is 32 km long length, with 28 tunnels having an overall length of 28.4 km on both sides. The longest tunnel is Talun Tunnel which is approximately  4870 m long. The Tehran-Shomal Freeway Project Part 1 deals with performing all operations in the areas of electrical and mechanical, instrumentation, telecommunications, safety, utilities (except Civil Works), pre-commissioning and commissioning in North Tehran highway. For further information please visit http://monenco.com/Default.aspx?tabid=96&articleType=ArticleView&articleId=779. 20/17.


Iran, Tehran - ir/14

Resalat Expressway

New extension westwards from Africa Square with three-lane, twin parallel tubes of lengths 720 m and 160 m at depths of 4 m to 35 m. Perlite Construction Company started work April, 1997. Consultant KTC, fax +98 21 888 5644. September 1997.


Iran, Tehran - ir/13


Construction of 98.4 km four-line metro, two east-west lines and two north-south, resuscitated. Lines 1, 2 and 4 are under construction. 9.2 km section of western end of 20.4 km-long Line 2 opening in two stages. First stage with four stations to Imam Khomeini Square is opening September, 1999 and second stage in February, 2000. First section of 34.3 km-long Line 1 will open August, 2000 between interchange with Line 2 at Imam Khomeini Square and Ali Abad. Completion of Line 1, of which 14.9 km is underground, is scheduled for August, 2004. Sept 1999.   President Mohammad Khatami on 21st February, 2000 inaugurated Tehran's first underground line. Awarded to French companies using Zokor TBMs before the Islamic revolution of 1979, the metro has instead been built by Iranian companies with Chinese technical help. The 9.4 km-long line, the first in the Gulf, was built over a period of 13 years at a cost of about $383 million and 40 workers lives. Several years ago, a main street in downtown Tehran opened to swallow cars and people when the one of the tunnels caved in. The line, which has nine stations, connects central Tehran with the western suburb of Sadeqieh and merges with a regular railway service to Karaj, 30 km west of Tehran. The metro capacity is 40,000 pax/h and it will commence limited operations on 21st March. An extension and three more lines totalling 100 km are planned. More information on the TBMs from thesegmentman@aol.com March 2000.Construction of $500 million extension of Tehran's underground system will begin in 2002 for opening in 2010. China has agreed a $100 million loan to extend a line to the Ghazvin region, west of Tehran, and another $29 million to complete a line in the western suburbs. Chinese contractors Noringo expect to subcontract 50% of the work to local firms. July 2000.  Inauguration of Subway No 1, from Tairish square in northern Tehran to the southern parts of the capital. Line will eventually extend to Imam Khomeini airport, under construction some 30 km south of the capital. Tehran currently spends $800 million/year on metro construction. Visit www.avand.net and www.iraniantrade.org 37/01.Line 7 of the Tehran metro is divided in two lots of an approximate total length of 26 km. The bored diameter is 9.14 m whereas the outer and inner diameters are respectively 8.85 and 8.15 m. Geology consists of alluvium from coarse grain to fine grain and maybe bedrock. The owner of the project is Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company (TUSRC). Sepasad is the general contractor and subcontracted the construction to SELI for one section and Hara Institute for the second section.SELI will excavate the north-south lot (14 km) using one refurbished, upsized dual mode EPB TBM made by SELI using some minor components of a Lovat TBM used for the Torino metro (mainly cylinders and back-up). Lining rings will be placed as per a 6+1 segment configuration with 35 cm-thick 1.5 m-long bolted universal segments and bi-component grout pumped to the extrados. The maker of the segments moulds has not been selected yet. Same of Milan has been chosen as supplier of the segments moulds. Tunnelling excavation is scheduled to commence in April 2009 and will last three years. Hara Institute is the subcontractor of the west-east lot (12 km). SELI will supply the TBM and back-up equipment for this lot and will be responsible for the TBM assembly and excavation of the first 300 metres. Visit www.tehranmetro.com, www.sepasad.com/indexEN.asp and www.selitunnel.com 24/08.


Iran, Tehran - ir/12


  Khayam Main Drain to replace polluted network of traditional drains. Total length of tunnel 21.5 km at depth of 20-40 m into which a variety of smaller sewers will discharge. 400 km system of watercourses, surface drains and tunnels planned, of which 260 km complete and 63 km under construction. Three contracts using methods matched to ground conditions: 4,042 m of 2.8 m diameter horseshoe configuration; 5,625 m of 3.7 m TBM drive using 4.3 m Lovat ME170SE EPB; and 1,830 m of 4.6 m diameter cut-and-cover and NATM. Another 10 km of 1.8 m diameter horseshoe configuration is being driven for outlets. Supervision and technical support: Gueno and Maunsell; contractors: Debleh-Alamoot for Contract 1 ($1.4m), Andrade Gutierrez jv for Contracts 2 ($12.4m)and 3 ($8.85m); designer: Omran Mohit Zist. March 1999.


Iran, Esfahan - ir/11

Water Transfer

Driving from west using roadheader and drill/blast with Haggloaders and shuttle trains, and from east using TBM to construct 22 km irrigation tunnel. August 1998.



Iraq, Kurdistan - iq/12


Project Srl secured the contract for the installation of complete technological systems for Peshrow road tunnel (2,390 m) in Sulaimaniya province under Azmar Mount, north to Sulaimaniya municipality.

The contract, signed with Savan Company Ltd, includes the drawing up of the final design and the complete supply of technological systems and automation and supervision software development, as well as commissioning and start-up services on site by technicians.

Systems to be provided include medium and low voltage electrical distribution, panels, networking, PLCs and remote I/Os, integrated automation and supervision of all systems, FM radio and VHF tunnel relay, system traffic monitoring via video analysis and surveillance systems, SOS call system, air pollution control systems and fire detection in tunnel, variable messages system for the users, control room set up. There will also be full immersion training sessions for operating and maintenance personnel, as well as a remote monitoring and assistance service. Visit www.projectweb.it. 29/13.


Iraq, Eastern Dzhezyra - iq/11


  Russian company Zarubezhvodstroy signed a contract for construction of the Eastern Dzhezyra hydrotechnical complex on river Tigris. The contract value is estimated at €72 million. Includes a dam, distributing manifold, irrigation canal and two tunnels with a total length of 6 km. The completion period is mid-2004. Visit www.ropnet.ru/pages/zvstroy 52/01.


Limak group secured the EUR102 million contract, duration 30 months, to design and construct the 3,690 m Gali Zakho 2-by-2 lane highway tunnel. When completed, Gali Zakho tunnel will enable a safe and comfortable transportation on the trade road connecting Turkey and the north of Iraq. The tunnel will connect the cities of Duhok and Zakho. Visit www.limak.com.tr. 25/13.



Ireland, Dublin - ie/32


Closing Date: 06.03.2019 (Tender Closed)

Negotiated procedure, deadline 06.03.2019, for the Greater Dublin Drainage Project – Terrestrial Pipelines Design and Build (DB) Contract. Duration contract 30 months. For bid documents www.etenders.gov.ie where offers must be sent. Contact Irish Water, Cork, tel +353 214239206, email tenders@ervia.ie. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=494918-2018 and http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=342854-2018.

Ref.n. 18/087. 45/18.


Negotiated procedure, deadline 13.03.2019, for the Greater Dublin Drainage Project – Marine Outfall Design and Build (DB) Contract. Duration of the contract is 30 months. For bid documents www.etenders.gov.ie where offers must be sent. Contact Irish Water, Cork, tel +353 214239206, email tenders@ervia.ie. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=494919-2018 and http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=342854-2018.

Ref.n. 18/088. 45/18.


Ireland, County Wicklow - ie/31

Water Supply

Roadbridge from Limerick secured part of the Vartry Water Supply Project — Water to Callowhill Link Contract. The value of the contract is EUR 13.10 million, excluding VAT.

The contract involves the design, construction, testing and commissioning of a new 4 km trunk main between the existing Vartry Water Treatment Plant and Callowhill Sites. Contact Irish Wate, Cork, tel +353 214239083, email tenders@ervia.ie. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=489731-2018.

Ref.n. 16/197. 45/18.