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Tunnelbuilder welcomes Stones Consult Group

Tunnelbuilder welcomes Stones Consult Group

Stones Consult Group was created in 2010 with its main base in Denmark that oversees markets in the European Union involving all type of construction and manpower. The Company has extensive experience through our directors going back more than 20 years. Due to high demands and expectations Stones Consult Singapore branch was created with the precise role of provide Tunnel Boring Machines personnel capable of covering all positions required and all clients demands Worldwide. This also includes supplying services such as Tool Shop containers and back up equipment through our sister company SC Tools Tech and our extensive network of suppliers and partners.

We are currently involved with many jobsites Worldwide where our services have been proven extremely reliable and successful strengthening our position as a leader Manpower supplier and unmatched supportive partner.

Stones Consult Group is expanding its reach and network and we always look for new partner, clients and challenges to show our strength and our capacities in full.  For further information please visit their website. 06/17