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Tunnelbuilder welcomes CREG TBM Germany

Tunnelbuilder welcomes CREG TBM Germany

CREG is the leading TBM supplier for challenging tunnelling work in underground projects worldwide.  CREG provides TBMs, tunnelling technology and technical solutions for a wide variety of tunnelling projects. To date CREG have provided more than 400 different TBMs, they have produced high quality and innovative EPBs, slurry TBMs, single shields, Telescope shields and Gripper TBMs all have a range of boring diameters from 3 to 15 meters.  In addition to the supply of TBMs, CREG can also supply rolling stock, disc cutters, battery and diesel locomotives as well as tunnelling formwork.

CREG´s TBMs have been used to bore metro tunnels, water transfer tunnels, sewage tunnels, as well as railway and highway tunnels in China and overseas. All their customers highly recommend the use of their products on these projects.

CREG TBM Germany is based in Erkelenz in the Cologne / Düsseldorf region and was founded in 2014 after CREG took over the long-standing and tradition-steeped tunnel boring machine technology and business of the TBM manufacturer Aker Wirth. For further information about the company and their products please visit their website http://www.creg-germany.com/  . Or you can email CREG with your requirements for tunnelling works on info@creg-germany.com, Mr. O. Hartge.  51/16.