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The world's longest and deepest road tunnel opens


On December 30th , 2019 the Ryfylke tunnel - providing a permanent road connection between Strand in Ryfylke and Stavanger on Nord-Jæren - was opened for traffic. It has taken 40 years since the idea was launched.

The 14.4-km  tunnel,  has the steepest climb of 7%, which applies for 4 km of the distance up to Solbakk, and its deepest point is 292 m below sea level. The tunnel is the longest and deepest subsea road tunnel in the world. The main contractor at Solbakk is Marti IAV Solbakk DA and the main contractor at Hundvåg is AF Gruppa Norge AS.

The other two tunnels in the Ryfast project, the Hundvag and Eiganes tunnels, will open in February 2020.

According to the plan, all three tunnels were to be opened at the same time, but some safety testing remains in the Eiganes and Hundvåg tunnel.

Rv 13 Ryfast is a new road link between the new E39 in Stavanger municipality and today's highway 13 in Strand municipality.  Click no/78 for the tunnebuilder archive. For further information please click here. 02/20.