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TBM Futura to drive the Rocchetta tunnel on the Naples-Bari HS/HC railway line


Futura will is the name of the second TBM used for the construction of the new Naples-Bari line. The TBM, whose name was chosen by the pupils of the E. Faceltti elementary school in Apice (BN), will be used for the excavation of the 6.4km Rocchetta tunnel, on the Apice-Hirpinia section. The new HS/HC line will have a length of 145 km, with 9 tunnels (including the 27 km Hirpinia tunnel), 25 viaducts and 16 new stations and stops. 


At the end of the works for the entire Naples-Bari HS/HC railway line, scheduled for 2028, it will be possible to travel from Naples and Bari in 2 hours. This is compared to the about 4 hours currently, and Rome and Bari which takes 3 hours. The Naples-Bari HS/HC line will also bring significant benefits in terms of environmental sustainability, making it possible to avoid over 3 million tons of CO2 emissions in the period 2023-2047. Click here and it/251 for tunnelbuilder archive. Visit https://www.fsitaliane.it/.  23/24.