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South Hartford Conveyance and Storage Tunnel update

South Hartford Conveyance and Storage Tunnel update

The Metropolitan District (MDC) announced that TBM Iris will be lowered into place this week. The parts will be lowered in separate segments approximately 61 m (200 feet) down into the South Hartford Conveyance and Storage Tunnel (SHCST)’s launch shaft on Brainard Road, where it will then be assembled.

The SHCST is a 6.44 km (4 mile) long deep rock tunnel designed to temporarily store excess combined wastewater and storm water during rain events. It will then channel the flow to the Hartford Water Pollution Control Facility (HWPCF) for treatment. The tunnel is a major component of the MDC’s Clean Water Project (CWP), part of the over EUR1.73 bn (USD2 bn) project funded by a state and federal mandate to reduce combined and sanitary sewer overflows.

The tunnel will have a capacity of 157 million liters (41.5 million gallons) will help prevent the HWPCF from being overwhelmed during storms.

The 5.49 m (18 foot) diameter tunnel will be constructed in bedrock approximately 61 m (200 feet) below ground, effectively eliminating surface disruption during construction.

In July 2016 the joint venture of Kenny Construction and Obayashi secured this contract to build the South Hartford Conveyance and Storage Tunnel (SHCST) in Hartford, Connecticut. Construction on the tunnel began in the fall of 2016. Once assembled, the TBM Iris is scheduled to begin digging the SHCST later this fall. It will tunnel toward the retrieval shaft located on Talcott Road in West Hartford. It is currently estimated that it will take 18 months for the TBM to make the whole trip.

The entire tunnel project, which also includes a pump station and other conduits is projected to be complete and in operation by 2023. Visit http://www.themdc.org/assets/uploads/files/press%20releases/2018/SHCST%20TBM%20Release%207_30_18.pdf


http://www.thecleanwaterproject.com/project-programs/south-hartford-conveyance-storage-tunnel .



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