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Several milestones for the Grand Paris Express

Several milestones for the Grand Paris Express

TBM Ines, began its journey from the Verdun shaft  at La Courneuve on the 11/08/2020, and has now reached Le Bourget RER station for Line 16.  The TBM – which is 100 m long and nearly 10 m in diameter - will continue to dig the remaining 2.7 km of tunnel towards Blanc-Mesnil. TBM Ines will not be the only machine to enter into the Le Bourget RER station. Another TBM called Dorine, launched in February 2020 at the Verdun shaft, will also pass through it twice in 2021 and then 2022, and will be creating two tunnel sections of Line 17. 

At the beginning of November TBM EPB Malala broke through at Bry-Villiers Champigny station on Line 15 South, also part of the Grand Paris Express infrastructure project . The TBM with a diameter of 9.30 m, was launched from the Ru de Nesle shaft at Noisy-Champs in September 2018 has now driven 4851 m in total. The Contractor is the JV Alliance (Demathieu Bard, Implenia, NGE, Pizzarotti, Atlas Fondations). Click here for a video showing the moment of breakthrough. https://twitter.com/i/status/1326872376429178880  

At the end of October TBM Marina broke through the western side of the future Vert de Maisons station in the city of Maisons-Alfort and Alfortville on Line 15 South. The TBM started its journey in March from the Arrighi shaft in Vitry-sur-Seine, the TBM has driven  nearly 1.1 km, which is 40% of her 2.6 km total. Once the TBM has been moved to the east side of the station box, it will continue its excavation to Créteil l'Échat station. This TBM is one of 9 used for the digging of the 33km of line 15 South between Pont de Sevres and Noisy - Champs.  

Finally TBM Ellen reached the future station Fort d’ Issy - Vanves – Clamart on Line 15 South, after tunnelling 3.9 km from the Robespierre shaft at Bagneux. Upon its arrival the TBM will be partially dismantled and moved to Bagneux, to be reassembled for digging the last 700 m towards the future Arcueil - Cachan station.  

For further information please click here and fr/127 for the tunnelbuilder archive. Visit https://www.societedugrandparis.fr and https://www.demathieu-bard.fr. 48/20.