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San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency Investment into future water supplies

San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency Investment into future water supplies

In November the SGPWA (San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency) Board voted unanimously to support the Delta Conveyance Project (DCP) in California, approving a minimum 1.22% participation level in the DCP to support local water demands. The Agency’s participation level could be increased if extra capacity in the project became available.  

The project is estimated to cost approximately EUR13.28 bn (USD15.9 bn) and payments will be spread over 40 years. Construction payments are likely to begin in the 2030’s.  

This is a major infrastructure project scheduled to begin construction around 2030 that will greatly enhance the operations and reliability of the State Water Project (SWP). 

The DCP will consist of two intakes along the northern portion of the Delta, adjacent to the Sacramento River, and approximately 67.59 km (42 miles) of tunnel. Two potential routes have been proposed. When completed, the project will have a maximum capacity of roughly 14.80 bn liters (12,000 acre-feet) of water per day (1.233 million liters or 1 acre-foot of water will generally support about 2+ California households for a year).  

The DCP materially increases the reliability of imported water supply, finishes a major component originally planned as part of the SWP, and helps protect the 60 years of investment in the project. The DCP will be a hedge against major existential threats, such as a seismic event in the Delta or projected sea level rise, both of which would bring saline water into the Delta and could severely hamper water exports for years. For further information on the project  visit https://www.sgpwa.com. 49/20.