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Press release -Timeco Srl - an Italian dealer and agent in the world of tunnelling

Press release -Timeco Srl - an Italian dealer and agent in the world of tunnelling

Timeco Srl has been operating since 1976 as an Italian dealer and agent in the world of tunnelling, piling and special foundations. Distinguishing itself for its professionalism, speed and problem solving skills, both in the technical and contractual fields.

Timeco Srl's portfolio of Represented Companies includes some of the biggest names in the industry.

The main brands are:

             Herrenknecht Group: Herrenknecht, is a world leader in the production of TBMs and tunnel technologies for infrastructure and services; H+E Logistik, specialized in the design and manufacturing of belt conveyors; TMS and MSD, focused on the manufacturing and supply of, respectively,  wheeled and rail vehicles for muck-out and transport systems; VMT, specialized in the design and supply of navigation systems and data control instruments for the tunnelling sector and others;

             Bohrtec: manufacturer of auger boring machines with supply of guided auger boring solutions;

             Tracto Technik: world leader in the design and production of solutions for small trenchless excavations aimed at burying cables, for sub-road passages without discomfort for users

             Trolex: specialized in tunnel safety instruments, gas and air-quality measurement;

             IDS: specialized in drilling accessories;

             Dawson: specialized in safety accessories for piling;

             Ozkanlar: specialized in the production of hydraulic vibrohammers;

             Taets: specialized in the production of pilebreakers.

Timeco Srl is always at the service of its customers with a collaborative approach aimed at maximizing the benefits for the companies, not only from the economic point of view but also, and above all, from the technical one. Visit https://www.timecosrl.it/. 23/19.