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Norway's $47BN Coastal Highway with Undersea Tunnels | Europe's Largest MegaProject


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The infrastructure plans will cost Norway no less than $47 billion and would spawn amazing solutions for crossing the fjords. Take, for example, the $2bn Boknafjorden tunnel, a 27-kilometre-long subsea tunnel build 390 meters below the sea level. It will be the longest, deepest tunnel in the world. This coastal highway expansion will set the bar in terms of engineering capabilities and will pave the way for future infrastructure megaproject.

The existing e39 highway stretches 1100km 683miles along Norway's coast. It includes 7 ferry crossings with a total journey time of 21 hours. With the goal of increasing accessibility, and transport efficiency Norway's government is embarking on one of Europe's largest megaprojects.

The new project seeks to eliminate ferries by building a series of bridges and tunnels.  

At 26.7km, and 390m deep the Rogfast tunnel will be the world's longest and deepest road tunnel and will slash the driving time by 40 minutes. It is planned to open in 2026, with tolls to be put in place for the first 20 years of operation.

Construction on this tunnel began in 2018 and should be complete by 2026 costing $2 billion.

A little bit further, the Sulafjorden bridge will cover a 4-kilometre-wide stretch of water. Its middle pillar would connect to the seabed at a 400-meter negative elevation!

But the most challenging crossing is that over the Sognefjord. 3,700 meters in width, and 1,300 meters depth — it’s the biggest fjord in Norway. There are several solutions that will have to cater to the needs of car traffic and sea traffic, while also keeping an affordable budget - floating submerged tunnels (connected to each other and held up by floating pontoons on the water's surface), the world's largest suspension bridge with towers 435m tall.

A floating bridge is also under consideration. Another solution is a hybrid floating bridge and tunnel. It would be the world's first construction of the sort. Another proposition is an enormous cable-stayed bridge connected to the seafloor with 4 pillars.

Courtesy to Norway's Public Road Authority for this video please view it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWr5I-hClQU .

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