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Mapei Group acquire Fili & Forme Srl

Mapei Group acquire Fili & Forme Srl

On April 4th 2018, Mapei Group acquired FILI & FORME Srl, a company that has been operating for more than 10 years in the building industry as part of  the Istrice brand.

Fili & Forme are specialized in the production of structural polymer fibres for mortar and concrete reinforcement. This has been successfully used in different building sectors: large concrete floors, precast, the tunnelling & mining industries,  and high performance fibre-reinforced cement mortars.

While constantly monitoring the market needs and working in cooperation with major Italian Universities Fili & Forme are ahead of the game by developing new and innovative products for specific applications

65% of Fili & Forme production is exported to 25 foreign countries due to the light weight, versatility and ease of transport of the products they produce which brings down delivery costs considerably.

More than 10.000.000 sqm of industrial floors and more than 50 km of tunnels have used Istrice fibres over the last 10 years. This is due to the success of this dynamic and growing company in recent years.

Thanks to this acquisition Mapei Group now consolidates its leadership in the building market. 

Founded in 1937 in Milan, Mapei now has 82 subsidiary companies, including the parent company, and 79 production facilities in 34 different countries in all 5 continents with a turnover of 2.4 billion euros and 10,000 employees worldwide.

The foundations for the success of the company are having the right specialisms in the world of building, by offering certified products and systems to meet the requirements of clients and market demand. Mapei also grew and became international so it could become more in tune with local needs and reduce transport costs to a minimum. Research and Development has also been very important and also receives the most support from the Company in terms of both investments and human resources. This has allowed Mapei to really grow and become a major player in the industry across the world. 

Visit http://utt.mapei.com/. 16/15


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