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Grand Paris Express - New breakthrough on Line 15 South

Grand Paris Express  - New breakthrough on Line 15 South

After 3.4 km of excavation, the Amandine TBM arrived at Villejuif Louis-Aragon. The TBM began tunnelling in April 2019, it broke through at the underground enclosure of the future railway station Villejuif Institut Gustave Roussy, nearly 55 m underground. 

In mid-November the TBM Aïcha (95 m long and weighing more than 1,500 t) passed the Colonel Grancey structure at a depth of more than 25 m and is now approaching Champigny Center station. The TBM, assembled and set off from the Bry-Villiers-Champigny station site, began its 3.1 km route in January 2020 towards the Salengro structure, in Champigny-sur-Marne.   

On the surface, construction of the Colonel Grancey structure, led by teams from the Eiffage - Razel-Bec consortium, is progressing and the digging of the shaft and its floors are now completed.  

The teams are now driving 21 m long tunnels linking the service structure to the tunnel of the future metro. The excavation of the emergency access branch has now been completed, while the excavation of the ventilation tunnel will be completed in December. The walls, vaults and floors will all be finished by the end of February 2021.  

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