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40 years of Geofluid

40 years of Geofluid

2018 is a special year for Geofluid, as it celebrates its first 40 years, getting to stage its 22nd edition. at Piacenza Expo from 3rd to the 6th of October. The Piacenza is around 30,000 square meters of exhibition - covered and uncovered – at the centre of Le Mose.

Geofluid is the most comprehensive and qualified of the Italian trade fairs. It specializes in the drilling and underground works, both for the research and extraction of underground fluids, special foundations and consolidations, and for the related geological, hydrogeological, geophysical, geotechnical and reclamation applications of aquifers and polluted sites.

Since it began, Geofluid has under pinned the development and evolution of the market. The last edition, in 2016, was attended by more than 10,500 visitors: 75% Italian and 25% from 83 different countries. As in previous years, Geofluid will showcase sectors using the thematic areas Geotech - Geotunnel - Geocontrol - Nodig - Geothermia. The focus for 2018 will be the Green macro-sector, which is part of an energy transition phase, following the lines set out by the SEN National Energy Strategy. Geofluid is a show for technological innovations and to give direction to the relevant markets, leading them towards a future of decarbonisation and sustainable energy with the emphasis on geothermal energy and gas. Go to http://www.geofluid.it/app/index.jsp?_sl=en . For their latest press release please click this link




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