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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, Central Province - lk/15


The contract for the main civil works (lot 2) for the second phase of Upper Kotmale hydro power project that amounts to Rs10.7 billion was signed between the Ceylon Electricity Board and Maeda of Japan. The contract will cover the construction of a 35.5 m-high dam at Talawakelle Town, and underground works including a 12,890 m-long headrace tunnel; circular shape, 4.5 m-5.2 m in diameter; a 98 m-high 12 m-diameter upstream surge tank; a 791 m-long underground inclined penstock shaft, 4.5 m-1.45 m in diameter; a 78 m-long draft tunnel, 3 m in diameter; a 58 m-high downstream surge chamber, 8 m in diameter; a 459 m-long tailrace tunnel, 4.5 m in diameter; a 18.8 m-wide, 36.5 m-high and 66.3 m-long underground powerhouse complex; a 451 m-long access tunnel, 5 m wide and 5. m high; a 469 m-long cable tunnel, 4 m wide and 3 m high. Construction of the second phase will be inaugurated by President Mahinda Rajapaksa in January next year. When commissioned, the Upper Kotmale hydro power plant will add 150 MW to the national grid. The total cost is being funded by the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). The project is expected to be completed by 2010. Read E-News Weely 27/2005. Visit www.ukhp.lk and and www.maeda.co.jp 51-52/06.


Sri Lanka, Moragahakanda - lk/14


Lahmeyer International to prepare feasibility study for multipurpose water resources development scheme in north-central Sri Lanka to include 1,050 m-wide dam, 60 m high on Amban Ganga tributary which will provide increased water supplies and may also drive a 10 MW power station. Visit www.lif.de for more details. May 2000.


Sri Lanka, Baduraliya - lk/13

Kukule Ganga Hydro

$200 million job for Ceylon Electricity Board funded mainly by Japan OECF soft loan and involving an underground power station with 5 km-long, 5 m-diameter headrace tunnel presently under construction by contractor SIEC. Consortium of Kajima Kumagai and Hazama is building the dam. February 2000.


Sri Lanka, Colombo - lk/12

Pipejack Flood Control

2.8 m internal diameter outfall for Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation as part of Greater Colombo flood control scheme. December 1999.


Sri Lanka, Colombo - lk/11


80 MW station with two Francis turbines in 50 m-long cavern. 7 km-long pressure tunnel. Six year project for Electricity Board. Finance from Overseas Economic Corporation Fund in Tokyo. April 1998.


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