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Indonesia, Jakarta - id/15


The consortium put together by South Korea's Daelim Industrial Co. (agent, 40%), includes Italy's Astaldi SpA (30%) and dall'indonesiana WIKA - Wijaya Karya (30%) was awarded two contracts for the construction of the first of the two phases at Upper Cisokan Hydroelectric Project on the Island of Java, Indonesia.

The Upper Cisokan project is among the most important to date in the country in the hydroelectric sector and is funded by the World Bank.

The project has been commissioned by PT PLN Persero, the company that manages public power plants in Indonesia. The new contracts include the construction of all civil works related to the construction of two dams, Upper and Lower Dam,  75m and 98 m high, with a total volume of 1,000,000 m3 of RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete). The plant will ensure the movement of water at night through a pumping system from the Lower Upper Dam and by day the production of electricity through the reverse cycle of the water flows. The installed capacity is forecast to be  1.040MW and includes the completion of the systems to ensure water supply through a 6 km tunnel with a 10 m diameter, an underground power station (26 m wide, 51 m high, 156 m long), the ventilation system and an electrical substation. The works are to be finished within 50months, with start-up in early 2016.

Visit http://www.pln.co.id/, https://www.daelim.co.kr/eng/main.do, http://www.astaldi.it/ and http://www.wika.co.id/. 42/15.


Indonesia, Sumatra - id/14


Power companies China Huadian Corp and PT Bajradaya Sentranusa of Indonesia are set to start construction of the 180 MW Asahan I hydropower plant in North Sumatra. A 6.6 km-long 8 m-wide tunnel will be built to increase the water level. Most of the tunnel construction would be carried out by local companies, including PT Wijaya Karya, PT Pembangunan Perumahan, PT Waskita Karya and PT Miduk Arta. Visit www.wika.co.id/eng and www.waskita.co.idPreparations at the location are expected to be completed by the end of June so that construction could start in July. Construction of the USD266.67 million project in Porsea, Toba Samosir, would take 39 months. The project would use water from Lake Toba, taken via the Asahan river, to generate primary electricity of 1,175 GWh and secondary electricity of 100 GWh per annum. 23/06.


Indonesia, Sunda Strait - id/13


Feasibility study by the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) recommends to build a tunnel between Merak and Bakauheni to replace ferry route connecting Java with Sumatra. Cost around US$4 billion, 50% cheaper than a long bridge across the Sunda Strait. ITB to prepare design within three years. Project could start in 2006. 48/02.Funding for the twin-tube tunnel that will connect Java and Sumatra across the Sunda Strait will come from the government and private parties. The tunnel is to span 33 km and is located 40 m below the seabed. It will be 8.5 m wide and 6.6 m high. Potential investors include state-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina, state telecommunications company PT Telkom, state gas company PT Gas Negara, state electricity company PT PLN, telecommunications company PT Indosat, state-owned train operator PT KAI and coal mining company PT Bukit Asam. Several undisclosed consortia from Europe and China have also expressed interest in investing in the project. A feasibility study, which will take two years, is to be conducted soon. The tunnel is expected to be finished by 2015. The strait between Java and Sumatra is one of the busiest sea routes in the country. Some 13 to 20 million people cross the Sunda Strait each year, and this figure is expected to grow. By 2020, the number of cross-strait travellers is estimated to reach 40 million. Cost estimated at USD1.5-2 billion for each tube. Visit www.nusantaratunnel.co.id 19/04.


Indonesia, Jakarta - id/12


US$5 billion 100 m-deep underground sewerage system similar to Singapore's DTSS is planned by the city. Memorandum of Implementation Agreement with Sydney-based waste management firm Global Grid to be signed by the end of June 2002 for US$5 million feasibility and mapping studies. Project to be developed under BOT. Tunnelling could start as early as 2003. 21/02.


Indonesia, Jakarta - id/11


Approval for plan by Itochu of Japan to build 14.5 km north-south line with 17 stations for completion in 2003. To be funded by consortium of Indonesian, Japanese and German companies. March 1999.


Sumitomo Mitsui consortium awarded EUR282 million contract for construction of 5.9 km-long tunnel as part of first phase of 15.7 km metro section linking Hotel Indonesia circle in CBD to Lebak Bulus in the south, to be completed by 2017. The south-north line will eventually be 23.8 km-long, and the east-west line 87 km-long. Visit www.jakartamrt.com. 19/13.


Invitation for Prequalification of Consultant for Operation and Maintenance Consulting Services (OMCS) for Project of Jakarta MRT System Phase 1 Lebak Bulus - Bundaran Hotel Indonesia. Duration of contract 48 months. All interested applicants should register with tender committee before 11.07.2014 – 3 p.m. Jakarta local time.  Visit http://www.jakartamrt.com/images/uploads/pengadaan/Invitation%20for%20Prequalification%20of%20OMCS%20website%20final.pdf. 28/14.