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Guatemala, Alta Verapaz, Baja Verapaz, Quiché - gu/11


Closing Date: 25.02.2016 (Tender Closed)

Invitation to tender, deadline 25.02.2016,  for inspection services of the 25.96 km tunnel with diameters ranging between 4.94 and 4.35 meters at the Chixoy Hydroelectric Plant, in Guatemala. The aim is to internally inspect the tunnel with sound and video, in order to generate a profile of the tunnel and collect necessary data on its current condition. This is to ensure it is in proper working order and also to detect any significant abnormalities in size, deformation, cracks, worn or broken off concrete, lack of concrete, rubble, partial collapse of rocks, general changes in the section and its integral state in order to make future decisions to correct and prevent further damage that could affect its lifespan. The inspection must pay special attention to areas where it is suspected that geology could be of concern. Contact the National Institute of Electricity, Guatemala, tel. (502) 2422-1800, -1920, -2040, -2160, e-mail victor.sajquin@inde.gob.gt. Visit http://www.guatecompras.gt/concursos/consultaDetalleCon.aspx?nog=4425642&o=4. Bid.n. 4425642-EGEE/C09-2015-0013. 04/16.