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Andorra, La Massana-Encamp - ad/13


The civil works of the Dos Valires tunnel have been awarded to a JV of Trebisa, a local company, ACS Dragados and Obras Subterraneas for EUR71.5 million. This first phase comprises of three tunnels, 2,925 m in length. One dual-lane tunnel heads up to Encamp with its La Massana-bound twin running parallel. Between both will be the third bore, a service tunnel. Tunnelling will commence from the east portal (Encamp side), very near to the Feda building on road 2, and progress up to the exit of the Sant Antoni tunnel on road 3 in La Massana. Contract duration: 48 months for entry in service scheduled for 2009-2010. Construction will begin in the first quarter of 2005. Construction management contract awarded to a JV between Enginesa, Suport, Euroconsult and Eurogeotecnica for EUR2.2 million. The second phase, which is not part of the contract, will be for the electromechanical outfit of the tunnel. Subscribe to E-News Weekly 19/2004. Visit www.grupoacs.com and www.obrassubterraneas.es 53/04-01/05.


Andorra, Grau de la Sabata - ad/12


  TBM pilot drive for 1.2 km-long bi-directional NATM road tunnel completed at rates up to 2 m/h by Subterra for FCC using Wirth 4.5 m-diameter TB 390/420E owned by Murer in Devonian hornfels and shales with two granodiorite sections of UCS 125 Mpa and RMR 50-65. TBM will now mine parallel emergency exit tunnel. Full report in Tunel 2/2002. Visit www.subterra.cz and www.wirth-europe.com 28/02.


Andorra, Envalira - ad/11


Concessionaire Tunel d'Envalira Lmt has awarded the $50 million contract for the 3 km bi-directional tunnel, gallery, and ventilation shaft to a jv led by Necso that will also construct a viaduct and toll plaza. Elevation is 2,000 m in the Pyrenees and weather is a factor. Tunnel will be driven by drill/blast from both ends in 30 months and will provide an alternative all-weather route to France. Visit www.necso.es for contact details. June 2000.


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