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Chile, Santiago - cl/21


Bidding underway for the US$300 million Melipilla-Santiago-Batuco railroad concession, deadline 30th July, 2002. The winning consortium will be announced in August and will then have to develop detailed engineering studies. Bidders are Agencias Universales, OHL, Alstom Chile, Dragados, Jarvis Facilities and FCC. Construction work to begin second half of 2003. Obligatory minimum stretch goes from Alameda station in Santiago to Talagante, southwest of the capital. Optional extensions to Melipilla, 70 km from Santiago, and to Batuco, north of the city. If the winner develops the Santiago-Batuco stretch, a 4 km tunnel will be required under the San Cristobal hill from the Quinta Normal station to Batuco. 23/02.The tender for the railway concession for the suburban train named Melitren to link Santiago with Padre Hurtado, Talagante and Melipilla has been declared void. None of the six consortia submitted any bid. The six interested bidders are: Ferrocarriles Gran Santiago (Agunsa, FCC, Alstom, RATP and Comsa); OHL; Ferrocarril Metropolitano (Dragados and ACS); Jarvis International Ltd; Ferroviaria Metropolitana (Ferrostal, Tecna and Sencorp); and Sacyr. The project has an estimated value of US$300 million for building a 63.74 km line from Melipilla station to the future intermodal station in Quinta Normal where a 4 km tunnel was planned. Visit www.moptt.cl 52/02.


Chile, Santiago - cl/20

Metro - Line 2

  1.6 km north extension to Recoleta between Cal y Canto and Santos Dumont, including crossing under river Mapocho, under construction by Sacyr and Consorcio DPS. 2.2 km south extension to Américo Vespucio between Lo Ovalle and La Cisterna being built by Inela. Single tunnel from station to station, 65 sq m with 45-50 cm-thick lining. Station tunnel is 150 sq m with 60-65 cm-thick lining. Tunnelling method is NATM with wiremesh, shotcrete and bolts every 50 cm through gravel deposits. Average costs amount to US$7,280 per metre for station-to-station tunnels and US$24,810 per metre for the stations. Completion end-2004. Visit www.metro-chile.cl or www.metrosantiago.cl 02/02.


Chile, Santiago - cl/19

Metro - Line 4

  US$650 million loan granted by BNP Paribas to Metro de Santiago for the new 33 km Line 4. Route alignment to run underground between Tobalaba and Grecia, at grade between Grecia and Gran Avenida, and elevated between Américo Vespucio and Puente Alto. Underground section to cost US$50-60 million. Construction to start in October, 2002. Opening second-half 2005. Visit www.metro-chile.cl or www.metrosantiago.cl 50/01. Basic engineering stage underway, with studies being carried out by the Systra-Cade Idepe (SCI) consortium. The line involves aboveground, underground and viaduct sections and 22 stations. Budget is divided up into US$509 million for civil works, US$214 million for systems and equipment and US$284 million for trains. Visit www.metrosantiago.cl and www.cadeidepe.cl 22/02.Bidding rules available until 19th May, 2003 to build Las Mercedes station and surrounding tunnel portions of line 4 under construction in Santiago's eastern and southern suburbs. Deadline to submit offers: 30th June, 2003. Cost is estimated at US$1.03 billion. Construction of the line began in July last year and is scheduled to end in the second half of 2005. The 33 km-long track will extend from Tobalaba station in Las Condes through 22 stations to the municipality of Puente Alto, on the southeast outskirts of the capital. Line 4 will have a complementary stretch, known as 4A, that will connect at the line's halfway point - Vicuna Mackenna station - and continue southwest to municipality La Cisterna. Visit www.metrosantiago.cl 21/03.OHL has bagged a €17 million contract to build a 1.2 km section of Line 4. This section is divided in two pieces, Plaza Egaí±a station and the south and north tunnels to be built on both sides of the station, at a depth of 17 m underneath Américo Vespucio Avenue. The works will require the removal of 112,580 m³ of spoil and the use of 35,000 m³ of concrete, 1,600 t of steel and 200,000 m² of wire mesh. Construction is to start this month to end in October 2005. €850 million will be invested in the 33 km-long new line 4. Visit www.ohl.es 44/03.


Chile, Ruta 68 - cl/18


New Zapata II tunnel, 1,080 m-long with two 3.5 m-wide lanes, and new Lo Prado II tunnel, 2,760 m-long, inaugurated respectively on 26th July, 2001 and 14th September, 2001 on the Santiago-Valparaiso-Vina del Mar highway. Lo Prado II cost is US$50 million. Traffic in both directions while the old Zapata I and Lo Prado I tunnels are under repairs. Concessionaire Rutas del Pací­fico is a jv of Sacyr and ACS. 47/01.


Chile, Santiago - cl/17

Nororiente Expressway

Public Works Ministry to relaunch first half of 2002 awarding process of US$160 million concession for expressway to connect the town of Colina, north of Santiago, with the capital's Vitacura borough. Four-lane highway with eight tunnels totalling 7 km. Concession will last 40 years. Visit www.moptt.cl 45/01. The public works ministry will invite bids for the US$160 million northeast access to Santiago this quarter. The project consists of a 20.5 km four-lane highway connecting Santiago's Americo Vespucio beltway and Costanera expressway in the northeast of the capital with Route 57 to the town of Los Andes and Route 5, the Pan-American highway, both north of the city. It will include eight tunnels - four in each direction - totalling 7.2 km in length. Bids for the concession to build and operate the road for 30 years will be due in the fourth quarter and the contract should be awarded by year-end or early 2003. A previous attempt to award the concession in 2000 failed to attract viable bids. Construction will take three years. Visit www.vialidad.cl 30/02. The ministry of public works is to invite bids on 30th October, 2002 for the 21 km-long northeast access expressway, also known as northeast orbital road. The scheme is a four-carriageway highway connecting the Américo Vespucio highway in Santiago and the Costanera highway in the northeast area of the capital with Route 57 in Los Andes and Route 5, the Panamericana road, both located north of the city. There will be four double-tube tunnels totalling 7.2 km. Visit www.moptt.cl 43/02. Bids invited for concession of the 21.5 km-long northeast access expressway which includes four double-tube tunnels in La Pirí¡mide, Manquehue I, Manquehue II and Montegordo. Total length in tunnel 7.2 km. Deadline 6th March, 2003. Visit www.moptt.cl. To know the contractors who already bought the tender documents, read E-News Weekly # 50. 50/02.The public works ministry has extended to 23rd May, 2003 the submission of bids for the US$130 million northeast access expressway. The 21 km project, called radial nororiente, is a 30-year concession for a four-lane highway connecting Americo Vespucio beltway and the Costanera expressway, northeast of Santiago, with Route 57 to the town of Los Andes and Route 5 (the Pan-American Highway), both north of the capital. Technical offers will be opened 23rd May and economic offers 23rd June. Potential bidders include El Chamisero consortium, Tradeco, OHL, Infraestructura 2000, Impregilo, Sacyr and Delta. Works will also include four double-tube tunnels totalling 7.2 km in length. Visit www.moptt.cl 20/03.Itinere, a subsidiary of Spain's Sacyr Vallehermoso group, is the preferred bidder with a US$130 million bid for the northeast access expressway concession to be built in Santiago. The 30-year concession involves building a 21.5 km, four-lane highway connecting capital Santiago's Americo Vespucio beltway and the Costanera expressway (under construction) in the city's northeast sector with Route 57 to the town of Los Andes and Route 5 (the Pan-American highway), both north of the capital. The public works ministry will now review documents for a 90-120 day period, before the contract is officially signed. Work is estimated to take three years and will include eight tunnels - four in each direction - totalling 7.2 km in length. Visit www.moptt.cl 38/03.


Chile, Quebrada Seca - cl/16

Mine Tailings

Informal invitation to contractors to prequalify for construction of two drill/blast tunnels, 8 km-long x 5 m-wide x 4.5 m-high, and 5 km-long x 4 m-wide x 4 m-high, steel supported and concrete lined, for Minera Los Pelambres at elevation 1.5 km in Andes. Contact Raíºl Paredes, e-mail rparedes@pelambres.cl 38/01.


Chile, Vií±a del Mar - cl/15


  Chilean Government approval to Merval S.A. for construction of 5 km-long tunnel on alignment beneath existing track through Vina del Mar on the 43 km-long Valparaiso-Limache railway. One of the two existing tracks must be kept available for operation throughout the construction period, so TBM may be chosen rather than cut and cover because of space considerations. Details from ailiman@cuartaetapa.cl Sept 2000. Work to commence in May, 2002 including a 5.2 km tunnel between the Chorrillos station and the Capuchinos bridge. Cut-and-cover method with 18 m-deep diaphragm walls. The tunnel will lie 11 m below ground level. Cost of $300 million. Completion in September, 2004. 13/02. The US$16.8 million contract for the first section Capuchinos-Miramar (B) of the 5 km railway tunnel required for the regional metro line through downtown Vií±a del Mar, between Caleta Abarca and Chorrillos, has been signed. This section is 1.2 km in length from Caleta Abarca to Traslavií±a street. The contractor is Méndez Junior y Asociados. The 8 m-wide x 7.2 m-high double-track tunnel will be built in cut-and-cover between 18 m-deep diaphragm walls. Both tracks will be laid at a depth of 14 metres. The line will serve four underground stations in Miramar, Vií±a del Mar, Hospital and Chorrillos. Visit www.cuartaetapa.cl 52/02.Regional urban rail service Merval has awarded to OHL the civil works contract to build stretches D (Vií±a del Mar-Hospital) and E (Hospital-Chorrillos) of the 5 km tunnel portion of its US$300 million, stage 4 metro expansion and improvement project. Contract signing for the stretches is slated for this month, with preliminary works set to begin immediately. Mendes Junior previously won the contract for the tunnel's US$16.8 million, 2 km Capuchinos-Miramar (B) first stretch. The winner of the remaining Miramar-Vina stretch (C) should be announced this month. Stage 4 aims to improve services between Valparaiso, neighbouring city Vií±a del Mar, and the town of Limache in the interior. Work began in July 2002 and the line should enter operations in the second half of 2005. Visit www.cuartaetapa.cl 02/03.


Chile, Puerto Montt - cl/14

Canutillar - Hydro

Aquatic Sciences Inc reports it has recently completed a challenging underwater tunnel inspection for Empresa Nacional de Electricidad S.A. Using an underwater remotely operated vehicle, they inspected the intake tunnel for the power plant, locating and delineating a collapse from which debris was impeding the water supply to the turbines and threatening the electricity supply to the district. The Canutillar hydropower station draws water through a 7 km-long tunnel from Lago Chapo where levels have decreased over 20 m from normal due to ongoing drought. More information from www.aquaticsciences.com February 2000.


Chile, Ralco - cl/13


Tamrock reports contractor Necso is using its fully-computerised Datasuper 316-150 and computer-aided Paramatic 205-90 drilling jumbos. Visit www.sandvik.com February 2000.


Chile, Concepcion - cl/12

Light Rail

German consultancy firm TransTec has been retained to provide an analysis of the current public transportation situation and make proposals for improving the traffic system including defining appropriate transport modes, operational solutions and financial proposals, as well as a final recommendation that will advocate a light rail system for the 300,000 population. November 1999.