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Then and now: How tech made the difference


A chip fitted in front of the TBM will measure the earth pressure and find its way under the river bed with zero possibility of soil subsidence.Sitting at the ...

Shield tunneling for underground parking starts in C. China city


With the new construction method, workers only need to open a small area on the ground's surface to send the shield tunneling machine underground ...

Poila Baishakh date for Metro tunnel's entry into river bed


KOLKATA: The tunnel-boring machine (TBM) had started its journey from Howrah Maidan on April 16, 2016, and exactly a year on, it's at the most ...

Video of proposed Norway ship tunnel


Norway to Build World's First Ship Tunnel Construction Equipment The upper part of the ship tunnel will be run the same way as conventional road tunnels. After that, the construction will work ...

Has the time for the Burrard Inlet tunnel finally arrived?


The Massey tunnel was one of the first in the world to use an immersed tube tunnel construction method. Prefabricated sections were laid on the ...

Seattle mayor touts 'construction milestone'


Media members look on as dust fills a pit below while a massive tunneling machine nears breaking through a five-foot wide concrete wall into the ...

Elizabeth Line steams ahead with £200m funding from the City of London Corporation


“The City of London Corporation's long standing support for Crossrail shows just how critical the new railway is to the City's future growth," he added.

NYC tunnel-borer named for Cornell engineer, suffragist


A tunnel-boring machine that will repair New York City's Delaware Aqueduct – the world's longest tunnel – has been named in honor of Nora Stanton ...

Video: Watch Metro's Tunnel Boring Machine Begin Work Underneath Downtown LA


Metro's Regional Connector project has entered a new stage of construction, thanks in part to Angeli, the tunnel boring machine. Angeli has begun ...

After Kolkata, Mumbai to be the second Indian city with underwater Metro tunnel


While the tunnels for the mainlines will be excavated by Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), the two tunnels for the stabling line with the cross packages ...

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