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Strata Emergency Refuge Chambers

Strata Worldwide’s Tunneling Chambers are refuge chambers constructed specifically for tunneling applications. They can be mounted directly onto Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM’s), onto rails or placed within the tunnel while operations are active.

Chambers are complete safety systems designed to provide immediate shelter and breathable air in the event that air quality in the working environment becomes compromised. They are intended to be an alternative option when escape is not possible.

Strata Chambers

Chambers are equipped with a standard 48 hours of on-board breathable air, including a carbon dioxide scrubber with CO removal, 48 hours of battery back-up, lights, air conditioning with a dehumidifier, communications as required, gas monitoring, food , water and a lavatory. Download PDF brochure here and visit: http://www.strataworldwide.com


On 16th May 2015, TERRATEC’s dia. 6.44m Earth Pressure Balance Machine broke through at Sanam Chai Station in Bangkok. With this, the machine completed the excavation of the West Bound of the MRTA Blue Line Extension Contract 1.Contractor, Italian-Thai Development PLC, used the machine to bore this 2,800 meter long alignment in one go, crossing two unexcavated stations and one ventilation shaft on its way. Next drive along the East Bound of the line, will have the stations completed as the TBM arrives, so it will be dragged through those. The excavation was done through a complex geology and in presence of large underground water pressure. The soil consisted of stiff clay and Bangkok’s aquifer sand, with large size of gravel and sand stone at deepest part of the alignment. 

The TBM drove under many historical old buildings in the old Bangkok City area. Due to this, very accurate settlement control was of essence. TERRATEC TBM equipped with a 2-Liquid type backfilling system and a special Clay Shock injection system through the shield. The combination of both was proven to be very effective and restricted the settlement to less than 1 centimetre on those critical areas. The EPBM had to bore through as many as eight (8) diaphragm walls, as well as several obstacles such building foundations. This was expected at the beginning of the project and for this purpose, TERRATEC selected a unique CutterHead design with conical shape to overcome those smoothly without disrupting the soil around.Although the different challenges encountered, the TBM achieved the planned average rates of 18 meter per day or 82 meter per week during the boring cycles. Now the TBM is being dismantled and moved to initiate the East Bound by beginning of August. For further information please click here or for Press inquiries: 171 Davey Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000, AUSTRALIA 4F, Empire Centre, 68 Mody Road, Kowloon, HONG KONG | Tel +61 362233282 | Tel +852 31693660 info@terratec.co www.terratec.co



Putzmeister Concrete Spraying Technology

The concrete spraying equipment Putzmeister SPM 500 Wetkret has a spraying arm with 17 m reach for a precise shotcrete application. The Putzmeister concrete pump is specially designed for concrete spraying, guaranteeing high performance, low pulsations and long life for the wear parts. Its concrete flow of 30 m3/h increases productivity in large projects.
Furthermore, the SPM 500 Wetkret series is equipped with an automatic system, electronically controlled, for high precision synchronization between the concrete pump and the additive dosing unit, permitting efficient high precision and quality spraying. The equipment is also available with an electric air-compressor built into the chassis, which endows it with high mobility and the possibility to work autonomously.
SPM 500 Wetkret has proven its efficiency and reliability in a large number of projects all over the world, for example:

- Rodoanel, Sao Paulo
- Ruta del Sol, Colombia
- Chuquicamata Underground mine, Chile

Download the catalog of SPM 500 Wetkret for more details: http://putzmeisterunderground.com/images/catalogos/spm-500-wetkret-eng.pdf 

SPM 500

Tunnel Segment Moulds by CBE Group

CBE designs and creates high precision precast formworks for the production of concrete pieces, handling equipment and turnkey precast facilities for tunnel segment moulds for all underground building sites. Formworks are designed by a 3D software and may have any size. CBE offers moulds with anchored gasket technology, automatic covers or liner formworks. Since our participation in the Eurotunnel construction, we gained a unique experience of 400 precast manufacturing plants including 150 carousel type worldwide. Recent projects: Crossrail, Legacy Way, Waterview, NWRL, the subways of Riyad, Doha, Rennes & Moscow or the sewer tunnels of Mexico City (Emisor Oriente & Poniente) and Washington DC (Blue Plains, Anacostia).

CBE Group
17 rue Frédéric Joliot Curie
F-37550 St. Avertin


Successful tunneling with TBMs demands a Guidance System of the best quality and the highest achievable accuracy.
TAUROS TBM is a brand new development by Geodata which offers just that – and much more.
The modular system consists of tunnel proof hardware and offers intuitive solutions for guidance of gripper and double shield TBMs.

– Clear and Intuitive User Interface
– Fully Automatic TSC Measurement System
– Ring Sequencing Module
– Robust Camera Measurement Unit
– Single and Double Shield Mode
– Semi-automatic Correction Curve Calculation

A continuous display of the current position and heading of the TBM is the main task of this system. Additional data and information necessary for operating and guiding the machine is displayed within an intuitive and straightforward user interface which demands only limited user interaction.
The guidance system consists of several sensors and measurement systems which are equipped with the latest technology and which are influenced by more than 25 years of experience in tunnelling.
These sensors and systems are linked, providing a position determination of the TBM with an accuracy of a few centimetres which results in a high-quality tunnelling process.

Geodata Products
For more information click here
Leoben Head Office
Hans-Kudlich-Straße 28
8700 Leoben
Phone: +43 (0)3842 26555-0
Fax: + 43 (0)3842 26555-5


Normet introduced its new concrete sprayer Spraymec 5070 VC with Tier 4 Final (Stage IV) engine in the Euro Mining exhibition in Tampere, Finland on 20-21 May.
The Spraymec 5070 VC is designed for medium capacity spraying works and it can be seen as a “little brother” of Spraymec 8100 VC as it uses the same high performance carrier but comes with somewhat lower capacity spraying features as the “big brother”.
New features include the new spraying boom SB307 providing good reach in tunnel profiles up to 7 m. The boom is equipped with self-lubricating slide pieces and roller to minimize wear and tear. All the boom movements are pressure compensated and have proportional functions allowing operator to create smooth and homogeneous tunnel lining structure.
The Spraymec 5070 VC uses Normet’s low pulsation concrete spraying pump (NSP30) with a theoretical concrete output 28 m3/h and  FAD 10 m3 / min / 7bar screw –type compressor which gives reliable and sufficient air supply for medium capacity spraying works.
The same intuitive nozzleman’s interface is available for the Spraymec 5070 as is standard for the Spraymec 8100. This includes operator being able to carry out all spraying functions from the radio remote control and follow spraying process parameters though a turntable and movable multi-colored display placed on the front of the machine. Service easiness is arranged through open access to all service points.
Highly accurate accelerator dosing system either with mono-type screw pump or optional low-pulsation Normet LPP-D peristaltic pump is synchronized automatically with concrete output
Norsmart control system can log all spraying process and carrier data such as concrete and accelerator volume, dosing percentage, pumping speed, change of process parameters, engine and compressor hours, hydraulic oil system pressure and temperatures etc. The NorSmart system also provides full fault diagnostics.
The recorded data can be delivered to supervisory checks via USB drive or machine data can be sent out to an external server via WLAN and GPRS..
The available engine options for the Spraymec are Tier 3 (Deutz) and Tier 4 Final (Cummins).
The Tier 4 Final technology utilizes SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and DEF/Ad-Blue (Diesel Exhaust Fuel) urea technology for exhaust after treatment.
The new Spraymec 5070 VC is available for factory deliveries in Q4 2015. For further information click here.



Robbins proudly announces its Crossover Series of TBMs, a line of field-tested, rugged Dual Mode-type machines. Crossover TBMs feature aspects of two TBM types, and are ideal for mixed ground conditions that might otherwise require multiple tunneling machines. The XRE (standing for Crossover Rock /EPB) is the most common type of hybrid machine, and features characteristics of Single Shield Hard Rock machines and EPBs for efficient excavation in mixed soils with rock. An XRE TBM recently completed tunneling at Australia’s Grosvenor Decline Tunnel, where it excavated two mine access drives at rates fourteen times faster than a traditional roadheader. The latest drive was completed on February 9, 2015. “This was a big step forward for the mine to appropriately use civil tunneling technology for a mining application. I take my hat off to the management of owner Anglo American Coal to have the foresight and leadership ability to take this step. Using the Crossover technology [versus the traditionally-used roadheader method], the project was finished on schedule,” said Lok Home, Robbins President.

Additional types of Crossover machines include the XSE (Crossover between Slurry/ EPB) and the XRS (Crossover between Rock/Slurry) TBMs. The Crossover series is quickly gaining in popularity, with Robbins Crossover TBMs currently being assembled in Mexico, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. An XRE TBM will begin excavation for Mexico’s Túnel Emisor Poniente II (TEP II) later this year, while an XSE is being readied for excavation at the Baku Metro.

The rebranding and Crossover terminology embodies the concept that the machines are able to cross over between modes, says Home. The unique machines are a top focus point for the company: “Robbins comes at this business with extensive rock experience so everything we design comes with the assumption that there will be tough conditions. When you have to “cross over” to another mode then already you are in difficult conditions, and contractors need robust machines to get through these challenges,” says Home.

Home foresees that machine sales will grow as more projects worldwide are planned in difficult and varying ground conditions. Survey results back up the trend, indicating an increased interest in Crossover-type machines worldwide. “This is a continuous evolution and we are consistently endeavoring to improve Crossover designs. We have three of the machines in production now and I see this number increasing year by year as the industry sees and accepts their value.”

Crossover Machine Grosvenor

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