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tunnelbuilder.com has over 1,000 readers throughout the world every single day.

• tunnelbuilder is sponsored by NFM, Normet, Geodata, Robbins, CBE, PPS, SELI, Datwyler, Terratec , and CREG TBM. 


• Company profiles - individually designed with information, photographs, videos, contact details and links, providing the perfect showcase for individual companies.

• Animated streaming banners – created by our design team to your instructions, including free logolink and links to your company website. Banners stream across the top of the tunnelbuilder home page, changing order each time a reader logs on, ensuring constant and varied exposure.

• Press releases - free during the course of your advertising contract, emphasising achievements and maximizing exposure for new product announcements.

• Buyers guide – free entry into our buyers guide with links to your website or company profile during your advertising contract. References link gives readers instant access to your project news and product development.

• Breaking news advertisements – for advertisers we can provide front page coverage for up to two weeks with links to press releases and full contact details.

• E Alert – we can place your message directly in front of our thousands of subscribers once a week.

• LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – tunnelbuilder has a large following on all social media to which we can promote advertisers. tunnelbuilder news items are regularly picked up by Google News and are seen worldwide by a diverse audience.

NEW SKYSCRAPER ADVERTISING AVAILABLE - GBP2,500.00 per panel per year. Contact georgina@tunnelbuilder.com for further information.

Website Sponsor – Top of the tunnelbuilder page – static or animated image provided in gif. jpg.  Or png formats with direct link to either your website or a company profile (includes free entry into the buyers guide). GBP 4,500.00 per year.

Animated Streaming Banner – 30 second animation, swf format, 984px (width) by 111px (height). On a rotation so different banner appears first each time a reader logs on. Includes free logo on right hand side of page and entry into the buyers guide. GBP 3,600.00 per year.

Logolink and Company Profile – Logo will be linked to your company profile or your website. For a company profile you will provide us with approx. 500 words, 3-4 images . We will design and create the profile exactly how you want it to appear (includes free entry into the buyers guide). GBP2,800.00 per year.

Buyers Guide – Your companies logo under any of the 6 categories in our buyers guide with link to references and company website. GBP 400.00 per year.

Press Release – For none advertisers we can provide front page coverage for up to 2 weeks with links to your press release and full contact details. GBP 400.00

Sign up to be informed by free e-mail of the latest project announcements in the tunnelling industry. Our e-alert/newsletter system can also be applied to direct marketing of your product or project to a specific audience.

Use of the E Alert for an animated banner at the top of the E Alert/newsletter starts at GBP 1,500.00 / month. But the more months you book the cheaper per month they become.

For use of the spotlight area in the newsletter starts at GBP 500.00.

For a dedicated to your business only E Alert please contact the tunnelbuilder team for more information.

Prices are fixed and include writing, design, translation, installation and management of your advertisement. Tunnelbuilder offers global reach in all languages but can offer direct market access and translations for Spain and Italy. Advertisers can be seen by 1000’s of our readers across all our websites offering far more exposure than any competing media. 

Tunnelbuilder contracts are available for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year and longer. UK based companies are subject to VAT. We also provide easy payment terms so you can pay your invoice monthly or quarterly. For more information please contact sam@tunnelbuilder.com 

Global Sales Director - CEO
Samantha Heard
Email: sam@tunnelbuilder.com
Tel: 0044 (0) 7729604866 

Italian Sales
Monica Sigismondo
Email: monica@tunnelbuilder.com

Spanish and Latin American Sales
Email: info@tunnelbuilder.com

Georgina Heard
Email: georgina@tunnelbuilder.com

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