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France, Paris - fr/21

Orbital Motorway

Closing Date: 21.08.2017 (Tender Closed)

Open invitation to tender, deadline 21.08.2017, for construction for the safety n. 266 in the Nogent tunnel (1,794 m, 1,485 m) on the A86 motorway in the Perreux-Sur-Marne municipality. Duration of the contract is 23 months. Tenders to be sent to https://www.marches-publics.gouv.fr/?page=entreprise.EntrepriseAdvancedSearch&AllCons&refConsultation=342023&orgAcronyme=d4t  or to Driea-if / Dirif / bf /Pôle des marchés publics, Creteil, tel +33 0146768724, email magguy.desplan@developpement-durable.gouv.fr. Further information from Driea-If/Dirif/Smr/Dmet, attn Nathan Tavernier, Creteil, tel +33 0146764923, email nathan.tavernier@developpement-durable.gouv.fr. Visit http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=273781-2017 and http://ted.europa.eu/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=301154-2017. Ref. n. 17_NIS_CR_TRAV266. 32/17.


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