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Finland, Southern Finland - fi/26

Ring Road

The Valtari consortium, composed of Skanska Infra Oy and Pöyry Finland Oy secured the contract to construct the new Lahti stretch of the city of Lahti's southern ring road. The road includes two tunnels: a half-kilometer concrete tunnel at Patomäki and a one-kilometer rock/concrete tunnel at Liipola. There will be a total of 28 new bridges, approximately 13 km of road and five new interchanges to build. Visit http://www.poyry.com/news/poyry-plc-the-consortium-between-skanska-and-poyry-was-awarded-implementation-of-a-new-road-section-in-finland and http://www.skanska.fi/tietoa-skanskasta/media/uutiset/206678/Lahden-etelaisen-kehatien-Lahden-paan-allianssikumppaniksi-valittiin-Skanskan-ja-Poyryn-konsortio. 27/17.


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