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WARR Hyperloop thanks CREG for their amazing support

WARR Hyperloop thanks CREG for their amazing support

Hyperloop is a new transportation mode which had been proposed by Elon Musk in 2013. The concept is that having capsules levitate inside of a low-pressure tube (hyperloop), pods will be able to travel at speeds close to the speed of sound. The WARR Hyperloop group, one of the research teams, is a student initiative from the Technical University of Munich, which was formed in 2015 in response to SpaceX’s call for pod prototypes. Earlier this year they won the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. There will be a second competition launched in August 2017, and they will release their brand-new pod for this competition.  

China Railway Equipment Group (CREG), an international TBM manufacture, not only focused on the development of new technologies in the Tunnel Boring Machine field, but also supports cutting edge scientific research like the Hyperloop. CREG is proud to be the gold sponsor of the WARR Hyperloop group. CREG is convinced that new technologies are one of the most important factors for human development. Every concept needs thousands of tests and modifications before becoming a reality, it’s a long and tough road from conception to actuality! The people who devote themselves to scientific research and development need support which is what CREG has given them. CREG would like to thank the WARR Hyperloop team for their enthusiasm and contribution. CREG wishes them every success in their endeavours, now and in the future. For further information please visit their website http://www.creg-germany.com/


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