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New tunnel solutions from JOHNSON CONTROLS

New tunnel solutions from JOHNSON CONTROLS

Johnson Controls, a global leader in building technologies, is pleased to announce the newest addition to its TYCO line of special application sprinklers with the launch of the MODEL TN-17 HORIZONTAL SPRAY NOZZLE.  This 16.8 K-factor nozzle was specifically engineered to address fire protection challenges in road tunnels.  The TYCO TN-17 Nozzle joins Johnson Control’s tunnel solutions family of products, including the TN-25 Nozzle, to round out a total tunnel solution offering.

The TN-17 Nozzle is UL Listed and has been proven to perform successfully in rigorous third party fire tests.  This product joins Johnson Control’s robust tunnel solutions product line, offering broader protection options for road tunnel fire protection deluge systems.  The TN-17 was designed to meet requirements for minimized water use while maximizing coverage area.  With its ability to provide extended coverage and superior performance, the Model TN-17 Nozzle allows for a single pipe to run the length of a tunnel, compared to traditional designs that use multiple mains, branch lines and drop pipes in order to provide sufficient coverage.  This back-to-back nozzle design allows for reduced material and installation costs.

For additional information about Tyco’s Model TN-17 Horizontal Spray Nozzle, please visit http://tycofpp.com/tunnels or contact your local representative.


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