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Metro tunnel update

Metro tunnel update

Independent reviewer role for Tunnel and Stations Public Private Partnership - market engagement

An Independent Reviewer for the Metro Tunnel – Tunnel and Stations Public Private Partnership (PPP) is to be appointed.

The engagement of an appropriately qualified Independent Reviewer is critical to the successful delivery of the Metro Tunnel Project.

The scope of the role is to provide certification and monitoring services including:

  • reviewing design packages to assess compliance with the Project Scope and Technical Requirements and Project Agreement
  • monitoring and reporting to the State regarding the progress of the works
  • attending and certifying tests
  • certifying the achievement of project milestones
  • reviewing Project Co's design and construction monthly progress reports, and
  • reviewing management plans and design and construction programs.

This scope also involves providing Independent Reviewer services for those Tunnel and Stations PPP works that interface with other Metro Tunnel works packages.

A single organisation may not, of itself, have all of the capability and experience needed to deliver the entire Independent Reviewer scope. It is anticipated a number of organisations will be required to undertake the Independent Reviewer role.

MMRA requests that organisations respond to this Market Engagement (in a submission to MMRA-Procurement@ecodev.vic.gov.au) if they can meet any of the key requirements of the Independent Reviewer role. A response template is available below.

The purpose of the Market Engagement is to develop an understanding of organisations with the requisite experience, skills and capacity to perform any of the functions of the Independent Reviewer role related to the Metro Tunnel Project.



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