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Cregs new Hard Rock Gripper TBM unveiled

Cregs new Hard Rock Gripper TBM unveiled

On August 1st, a 9.03 m hard rock TBM named ‘‘Caiyun’’ was unveiled in spring city Kunming. This big machine was designed and manufactured by CREG, and has been integrated with several new technologies, to allow the TBM to overcome the complex geology within the  Gaoligong Mountain. 

The project is located In Longling County of Yunnan Prov., where Gaoligong Mountain straddles  the border of southwestern China and northern Myanmar along the west bank of the Nujiang Valley. The tunnel will be 12.8 km long with maximum overburden of 1155m. The geology is extremely complex and  can be summarized as follows:

Ø  High geothermal

Ø  High rock pressure

Ø  High seismic intensity

Ø  Active neo-tectonic movement

Ø  Active geothermal system

The tunnel will be driven through Yanshanian granite, partially in Cambrian slate and dolomite. There have been four major faults detected by the geotechnical survey that was conducted. For further information please read the press release and also visit the website.


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