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Bane NOR  Arna-Bergen – tunnel update

Bane NOR  Arna-Bergen – tunnel update

Bane NOR is constructing a double track line between Arna and the centre of Bergen. The biggest part of the section passes through a tunnel under Mount Ulriken where Bane NOR now is constructing a new, parallel tunnel. Staff from tunnelbuilder and tunneljobs were allowed a visit to the TBM face to see the machine in operation.

The tunnel construction started in November 2014, and the double track will be completed in 2022. The construction of the double track line between Arna and Bergen consists of two projects.

Arna-Fløen and Bergen-Fløen.

There are approximately 50 employees in the organisation, and our offices are situatedin Arna and the city centre of Bergen.

Project Arna-Fløen

The project has been in production from 2014 and will becompleted in 2022.

The main contracts in the project are ’New Ulriken tunnel’ (UUT 21), ’Arna station’ (UUT 25) and a railway-technical contract (UUT 31).

New Ulriken tunnel - UUT 21

Bane Nor are constructing a new parallel tunnel between Arna and Fløen using a tunnel boring machine. Breakthrough is expected by autumn 2017.

Project Bergen-Fløen

There is construction of a double track between Bergen station and Fløen and the renewal of existing systems, a distance of 1.3 km. The project has a high complex due to the location (city centre), limited space and old infrastructure. Bane NOR will review the scope of the project and is working on a new project progress plan. This will be settled in the near future. For further information please read their press release and visit their website http://www.banenor.no . 24/17.


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