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Estonia, Tallin - ee/12


Closing Date: 22.11.2016 (Tender Closed)

Restricted  invitation to tender, deadline 22.11.2016, for technical concept and economic assessments (WP3)of the FinsEst Link, which is the tunnel between Helsinki and Tallin. The value of the contract is EUR320,000, excluding VAT. Duration of the contract will be15 months. Further information from https://hanki.tarjouspalvelu.fi/hanki. Tenders must be sent to https://hanki.tarjouspalvelu.fi/?id=72821&tpk=ee228c3b-77ab-43d0-8999-b9a1c6d4a1ee. Click here for tunnelbuilder archive. Visit http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=376828-2016 and http://ted.publications.eu.int/udl?request=Seek-Deliver&language=en&docid=365278-2016. Click here for tunnelbuilder archive. Ref.n. CB505 FinEst Link (Finnish Estonian Transport Link. 43/16.


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