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For more than 30 years, Thermal Ceramics has been a world leader in the production of high-temperature resistant materials using world-class production and R&D facilities. Our experience of refractory technology has led to the development of FireMaster Firebarrier 135, a spray-applied fire protection cement developed to meet the highest performance requirements of tunnel fire protection applications.

Developed from our expertise in high temperature industrial applications, FireMaster Firebarrier 135 is unique amongst spray-applied cementitious fire protection products being the only true refractory material. It's patented, unique formulation brings many advantages to both tunnel operators and fire protection contractors.

Benefits of FireBarrier 135
  • Refractory material and can withstand high temperature exposure for long periods of time
  • Has excellent surface finish that can be painted and used as the final surface finishing for the tunnel avoiding expensive cladding
  • Is installed in a single layer with less than 1% wastage during spraying
    Comprehensively fire-tested to ISO, HCM and RWS fire curves in major laboratories (TNO, CSI, SINTEF)
  • Is a high temperature insulator preventing both the spalling of concrete and overheating of reinforcement bars
  • Is resistant to water jet tunnel cleaning methods
  • Not damaged by water jet impact after being heated to 1350 C for 120 minutes
  • Proven to withstand repeated fire temperature exposure over three consecutive fire tests on the same sample, giving consistent insulation values in each test
FireBarrier 135
Our experience in Tunnel Fire protection
FireMaster FireBarrier 135 is a versatile product, being suitable for many different fire protection applications within tunnels. It can protect both steel and concrete against fire and can protect both the main tunnel structure and other critical elements of the tunnel.

El-Azhar Tunnel, Cairo (Egypt)

2.2 km twin tube road tunnel
Fire Protection of Main Concrete tunnel structure 2 hours RWS fire curve
57,000 m² of FireBarrier 135 applied (3,442 tonnes)

El-Azhar Tunnel, Cairo (Egypt)
Mont Blanc Tunnel (France / Italy)
Mont Blanc Tunnel (France / Italy)
Fire Protection of Escape Refuges
2 hours HCM and 4 hours ISO fire curves
1,700 m² of FireBarrier 135 applied (110 tonnes)


Bjørvika Tunnel, Oslo, Norway
Immersed road tunnel two hours RWS fire protection with fire testing required on large pre-stressed roof sections. Washable surface, high adhesion strength
FireBarrier 135 in one single layer 36mm thick. Custom designed fire rated expansion joint seal system between segments
50,000 m² installed. 5,000 linear metres of expansion joint seal system

St Marie Aux Mines Tunnel France
Escape passage located under roof of ventilation shaft. Fire
protection required for the floor of the ventilation shaft to prevent fire spread to escape way underneath. 2 hours protection required against HCM high-rise hydrocarbon fire
28mm of FireBarrier 135 spray-applied to floor of ventillation shaft. Design proven by special fire test of floor section built at CSTB fire test laboratory France.

Lecco Tunnel (Italy)
Fire Protection of Tunnel Roof, Ventilation ducts and Escape passages
2 hours HCM fire curve, 2hours ISO fire curve ( concrete and steel fire protection )
40,000 m2 of FireBarrier 135 applied (1,000 tonnes)

Verla Di Giovo Tunnel (Italy)
Fire Protection of steel bulkhead forming air ventilation shaft (foto 5)
2 hours HC fire curve
5,500 m² of FireBarrier 135 installed (300 tonnes)

Verla Di Giovo Tunnel (Italy)

The FireMaster product range from Thermal Ceramics incorporates cementitious and lightweight fibre products that are suitable for many different fire protection applications. See the following websites for more details: and

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