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In the globally operating speciality-chemicals group Sika AG, with its headquarters in Switzerland, business in the field of underground construction is concentrated in the hands of Sika Tunneling & Mining. Here new developments in the three core competence fields Construction Chemicals, Equipment and Waterproofing Systems are pushed and offered to the market by the world-wide net of Sika Companies being reliable partners for our customers.

The recently launched world-wide alliance with the concrete pump experts Putzmeister has caught on last year and today, the concrete spraying system Sika-PM500 is the top-of-the-range system for high-performance shotcreting. Further systems, amongst others also for mining, are coming up shortly. Manufacturing of special TBM mounted shotcreting robots represents a further prosperous foothold in the market. Today such systems prove successful all over the world.

In the field of shotcrete and concrete admixtures Sika has successfully strengthened its leading position with the latest Sika ViscoCrete generation, suitable also in precast element production. For meeting the very particular requirements in tunnel construction, such as for the world-longest railway tunnel AlpTransit Gotthard, Sika ViscoCrete allowed developing specific solutions with our customers. Since decades Sika waterproofing systems perform reliably all over the world. Substantial waterproofing work carried out in the two base tunnels Lötschberg and Gotthard represents a further milestone for the use of SikaPlan products and systems.

Sika Tunneling & Mining stands for practical solutions in underground construction, today and tomorrow.

Construction Chemicals Sika
The Sika product range, including a complete speciality range of products designed to meet the specific requirements of underground construction, offers reliable site-proven solutions for the underground construction customer.
  • Sika® ViscoCrete®; Sigunit® ; SikaTard® ; Sikament® ; SikaRapid® Concrete and shotcreting admixtures for efficient application and concepts for high-durability concrete and shotcrete. These products are designed with regard to local conditions and requirements. The technology of self-compacting concrete SCC is very successfully promoted in the markets. In particular also on underground construction sites special concrete placing conditions arise again and again where the use of SCC is ideally suitable. Sika as market leader in the field of high early strength concrete offers various system and product solutions.
  • Sika® Injektion ; SikaFix® ; Sikadur® Combiflex® Special injection and sealing products offer solutions meeting the requirements of soil and rock consolidation. Sika also offers individual solutions for reliable joint sealing as well in new structures as for rehabilitation work.
  • SikaGunit ; SikaShot® ; SikaGrout Ready to use gunites, filling mortars or special anchoring mortars meet particular technical and logistical requirements of the customer.
  • SikaGard® ; Sika Wallcoat ; Special tunnel coatings, meeting particular requirements make allowances for decoration and/or protection.
  • Sika® MonoTop® ; SikaDur® ; Sika® CarboDur® Sika offers a wide range of appropriate products for rehabilitation or unscheduled repair work. Sika CFRP plating systems offer many options for solving additional strengthening and stiffening problems of existing structures.
Construction Chemicals

Sika's comprehensive consulting services ensure technically appropriate and economically interesting system and product solutions for all types of problems encountered in underground construction.

Sika Tunneling & Mining offers a comprehensive range of machines for wet or dry process shotcreting, from sturdy Rotor machines and dosing units up to highly mechanized shotcreting systems.

Shotcreting machine Sika - Aliva
Shotcreting machine

For shotcreting by thin stream method (compressed air stream), the product range starts with the Rotor machine ALIVA® -246. This compact Rotor machine is particularly suitable for working in restricted space conditions. Its output capacity is up to 4 cu m/h in dry process spraying. General requirements such as sand blasting, repair work, concrete spraying can be satisfied by conversion of the spraying equipment. Such versatility is made possible by the continuously variable output. The customer can opt for an electric or a pneumatic driving unit. The bigger ALIVA® -252 offers double output capacity. It is designed to be used in mines, galleries and for slope stabilization, to mention only a few of possible uses for the ALIVA® -252.

The next two Rotor machines ALIVA® -263 and ALIVA® -285 are also called Duplo, which means that they can be used for spraying dry mixes as well as wet mixes. Maximum output capacity of the ALIVA® -263 is 15 cu m/h and the ALIVA® -285 reaches 19 cu m/h. Both Rotor machines achieve maximum 300 metres conveying distance. The outstanding characteristic of all Rotor machines is pulsation-free spraying.

Sika® -PM702 is used for dense stream shotcreting. This twin-piston concrete pump can reach 20 cu m/h output at 70 bar concrete pressure. Thanks to its practically pulsation-free pumping, this machine is perfectly suitable for the spraying of concrete.

Dosing unit for liquids
The liquid-dosing unit ALIVA® -403.5 works according to the peristaltic pump principle. Conceived in particular for alkali-free set accelerators, it is however also suitable for other liquid admixtures. The continuously adjustable output, with high dosage accuracy, is 30 - 700 litres per hour. It can be coupled with a shotcreting machine by means of a control cable. The dosage unit is thus remote-controlled by the shotcreting machine. Any change of output of the shotcreting machine automatically adjusts the quantity of admixture proportionally. The ALIVA® -403.5 can be fitted with an adaptor box, allowing its synchronization with any current twin-piston concrete pump.

Mini Shotcreting System ALIVA Ò -503
In the field of immediate support upon excavation in mines and small tunnels, the use of a spraying boom is indispensable. The ALIVA® -503 was developed in particular for such requirements. The unit consists of the spraying boom ALIVA® -302 (spraying height 8 metres) and a highly manoeuvrable Caterpillar vehicle. Performance and safety of the nozzle man is considerably improved as compared to manual spraying. Integration of a liquid-dosage unit ALIVA® -403.5 is available as an option. The ALIVA® -503 AIR was specially designed to be used in locations presenting explosion hazards. Explosion-proof operation of all system components is possible. The spraying boom is operated by hydraulic remote control.

Shotcreting System Sika® -PM407 Sika - Putzmeister
The very manoeuvrable shotcreting system Sika® -PM407 was developed for the work in smaller tunnels and mines. Spraying height up to 8 metres and spraying performance of 15 or 20 cu m/h. Shotcreting performance depends on the choice of the conveying machine. The customer can opt for the Rotor machine ALIVA® - 263 or the concrete pump Sika® -PM702 from. The liquid-dosage unit ALIVA® - 403.5 is integrated into the system. The components are mounted onto a four-wheel drive vehicle. Manoeuvrability is assured by centre pivot steering.

A container with 200 litres capacity for admixtures can additionally be mounted onto the vehicle.
Shotcreting System Sika® -PM407
Shotcreting System Sika® -PM500 Sika - Putzmeister
The shotcreting system Sika® -PM500 is a product of the Sika – Putzmeister alliance. Thanks to its modular concept, it offers high economic viability and flexibility for any construction site. The main fields of application for this spraying system are immediate support upon excavation and structural lining of tunnels and mines.

The Sika® -PM500 performs reliably and achieves high-quality results thanks to its components. The shotcreting system consists of the following main components: Spraying boom SA13.9 inclusive of mobile nozzle mount, liquid-dosage unit ALIVA® -403.5, concrete pump BSA 1005 or Rotor machine ALIVA® -285 and control unit. These components are mounted onto a 4x4 vehicle from Lorenzana Company. Compressor and wireless remote control are available as options.

The twice telescoping spraying boom SA13.9 is very sturdy. The spraying height of 19 metres allows the use of the system also in large tunnels. Thanks to the wide working range, loss of time caused by shifting of the system is reduced to a minimum.

The customer can choose between the concrete pump BSA 1005 or the Rotor machine ALIVA® -285. The longitudinally mounted long-stroke pump BSA1005 is suitable for maximum spraying performance of up to 30 cu m/h and assures optimal concrete quality and finish. All these features go together with a long service life.
The Rotor machine ALIVA® -285
The Rotor machine ALIVA® -285 is mounted onto a hydraulic lifting platform which allows lowering the filling hopper to a user-friendly level.

All control elements for the functions of the spraying system are centrally, clearly and practically disposed on the control unit outside the manoeuvring space.

The Sika® -PM500 has successfully passed its crucial test. All systems have perfectly proven themselves in the tough environment of tunneling sites.
Waterproofing Sika
Protecting underground structures against penetration of water is of high technical and economical significance. Considering the intended purpose of tunnel waterproofing, it is obvious that such waterproofing systems have to meet high standards.

Safe operation - in particular under traffic - as well as durability and the problemless functioning of all technical installations inside the underground structure are top priority.
Electrification of the Gotthard railway line with all its tunnels at the biginning of last century was for Sika the occasion to lay the foundation for tunnel waterproofing. Today the specialists consider waterproofing of underground transport infrastructure to be indispensable. With the quick-setting cement mortar Sika marked the beginning of the first tunnel waterproofing age and has since then never ceased to play a decisive and competent part in developing new waterproofing technologies.

The installation-friendly Sikaplan PVC and the high-flexibility Sikaplan FPO tunnel waterproofing membranes are state-of-the-art and enjoy a high standing in the market. Sika Tunneling & Mining offers a comprehensive product range, including injectable waterstops and various special parts, and is therefore your competent partner for all waterproofing problems in tunnelling.
Electrification of the Gotthard railway line with all its tunnels at the biginning of last century was for Sika the occasion to lay the foundation for tunnel waterproofing

Our innovative problem solutions offered by the 'Waterproofingsystem'-Team will also keep your underground structure durably waterproof.

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