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Tunnel lining and shotcrete equipment

Putzmeister AG (PM) produces a wide range of high-pressure concrete pumps, concrete placing booms, equipment for wet-shotcreting in tunnels and mines, and muck conveying pumps, as well as high-density solids pumps.

Additionally, the German manufacturer has developed different types of delivery line systems which are sufficiently tough to meet the incredibly heavy loads imposed upon pipelines. Job-specific accessories such as shut-off valves, direction valves, and rotary distributors add versatility to the company's tunnelling equipment range.

PM stationary concrete pumps have reached conveying heights up to 532 m and horizontal distances of 2,015 m. The pumps are designed for an output of up to 187 cu m/h resp. maximum concrete pressure of 260 bar.

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The truck mounted concrete pump M 24-4 is especially designed for concrete placing in low-roofed galleries and tunnels. Thanks to its "multi-Z-folding" boom, it has an unfolding height of less than 5 m, and a horizontal reach of 19.5 m. The PUMA is another very flexible special tunnel concrete placing boom combined with a truck- or trailer-mounted concrete pump. The last segment of the PUMA boom can be swivelled 360 degrees axially, to couple the tip of the boom to connection pieces in the side formwork.
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For wet shotcreting Putzmeister (PM) offers mobile spraying robots as well as trailer-mounted units. For mobile shotcrete equipment, Putzmeister AG and Swiss-based Sika AG entered into a strategic global alliance in June, 2003. While Putzmeister is responsible for production of wet shotcreting systems, Sika - a leading manufacturer of additives for the construction industry - is to serve as the exclusive sales agent worldwide. The new Sika-PM 500 PC shotcrete manipulator is the first system jointly developed for tunnels. Type 500 PC is of very compact design, and provided with the same sturdy shotcreting boom as its predecessor, the Putzmeister type WETKRET WKM 133. It can be additionally equipped with two admixer tanks of 1,000 litre capacity, and with a 600 litre water tank. For smaller tunnel sections, the shotcrete mobile type Sika-PM 400 R is available.

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The small shotcrete pump BST 501 E is a electrically-driven compact unit which is available as railcar, trailer or stationary model. It features a concrete hopper with agitator, with robust steel frame and open construction for easy servicing, and has a removable hopper extension for easy access to wear parts.
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Putzmeister recently introduced the very versatile concrete pump type BSA 1002-D Multi, designed for concrete conveying as well as for shotcrete applications. The Multi is either supplied completely equipped ex-works as shotcrete pump, or as retrofittable normal concrete pump. In both cases, special mounts are pre-fitted to the machine for an additive tank, together with the connections for a synchronously running additive metering pump.

Putzmeister muck pumps use an open system for carrying material away from pipejacking and subway faces, diaphragm wall excavations, roadheaders and up shafts. For EPB and pipejacking under pressure, a closed system is available. Delivery rates are up to 250 cu m/h over distances up to 2 km.

Putzmeister high-density solids pumps type EKO Twin 25300 are integrated in a TBM and use a decompression lock. To make sure that the excess pressure of around 2 bar in the working area does not drop whilst removing the tunnel muck, the EKO builds up a material plug in the discharge system.

Underground dewatering pumping systems for water and sludge have conveying capacities to 100 cu m/h and heights of 700 m at high solids concentrations with maximum velocity flows.

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Purpose-designed backfilling, shotcrete and concrete pumping equipment are also supplied to mines.

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