Phoenix is Rising

The name of Phoenix is synonymous with the production of sealing gaskets for tunnel segments, with over 180 tunnels worldwide having been successfully constructed using their products. Applying this wide-based experience, in partnership with contractor Hochtief and TBM manufacturer Herrenknecht, the company has recently developed a seal that is anchored into the concrete during segment production.


Phoenix Dichtungstechnik GmbH originally arose from former rubber giant Phoenix AG founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1856. In 2004 Phoenix AG was taken over by Continental AG of Hannover, Germany and was integrated into their “none-tyre” division known as ContiTech AG. Under the motto “united for excellence” forces have been bundled and worldwide group sales today amount to EUR2,900 million and the ContiTech Group manufactures at almost 80 locations around the world, with a workforce of over 22,000.


Phoenix Tunnel Seals

Phoenix Dichtungstechnik GmbH is now a 100% daughter of ContiTech AG with specialist competences merged together to form the new world market leader for special elastomer components used for automotive and traffic technology vibration control, elastomer coating, as well as for fluid handling and conveyor belting. A highly skilled workforce produces elastomer profiles and gaskets for tunnelling use. For decades Phoenix engineers have been involved in developing and manufacturing a broad range of successful and reliable sealing systems for pipe jacking, cut-and-cover, TBM-driven and segmental lined tunnels, as well as tunnel refurbishment. The company also offers a variety of seal cross-sections suited to TBM entry and exit, and for the TBM itself. Furthermore Phoenix supplies a wide range of noise and vibration absorbing solutions for railway track construction. Products such as sub-ballast mats and sleeper boots have found use in many railway tunnels.

Phoenix has almost 40 years experience of developing and manufacturing compression sealing gaskets for tunnel lining made of concrete and steel segments. These were first used in 1969 on the New Elbe tunnel in Hamburg, and are now available in more than 50 different cross-sections to cover the entire range of today’s various kinds of projects. Metro tunnels, river crossings, road and train tunnels, cable tunnels wastewater and water supply tunnels all around the world can be found on a long list of more than 180 successful reference projects.

Some of the major traffic tunnel projects recently completed or still being under construction with Phoenix sealing technology are for example: Groene Hart Tunnel, Netherlands; Hallandsastunnel, Sweden; Metro Dubai, Red Line; MTA Eastside LRT, Los Angeles; and Tunel Del Perthus, Pyrenees.

Due to the rapidly changing and increasing requirements from project to project, Phoenix Dichtungstechnik continues to innovate.

The latest development is a seal that is anchored into the concrete during the tunnel segment production process. This system will make segment production and gasket installation easier and faster, without the costly glueing process, and avoiding detrimental effects on the environment.

Furthermore, Phoenix now offers self-sticking EPDM-packers for load-distribution between the segments in the circumferential joints as well as EPDM-based hydrophilics.