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Rolling Stock Transportation Systems for Tunnelling

Mühlhäuser, based at Michelstadt in Germany, has 50 years experience with the changing demands for tunnelling equipment on five continents, during which time the company has become the industry leader in transportation engineering.

Mühlhäuser manufactures haulage equipment, supply and service cars, and accessories. Items from the company's specialized range are individually tailored to the needs of each specific project in order to ensure maximum performance, whatever their role.

All product designs are based on high specification components, ensuring exceptional quality and long life, and offering a vital extra reserve in terms of safety and workload, even under the most extreme conditions. Mühlhäuser suspension systems, couplings, wheelsets, bogeys and tipping arrangements may be integrated in any number of applications.

Mühlhäuser self-discharge and floorshaft rail cars are manufactured to a patented design, with capacities from 2 cu m to 25 cu m. Rotating discharge and hydro discharge cars can be supplied with capacities up to 30 cu m.

The Mühlhäuser base of proven components facilitates individual solutions for every tunnelling transportation requirement. Concrete remixers, silos, and aggregate, cement, shotcrete, grout, segment and platform cars are available in a full range of gauges and configurations. Special vehicles include tube transporters, boom & basket cars, lift-off platforms, crane cars, and manriders.

Delivery is arranged by Mühlhäuser trained service specialists, who carry out commissioning at site, in collaboration with the client's engineers.

The company also has a large fleet of 800 items of rolling stock for hire, to provide rapid solutions for short-term bottlenecks, or to equip entire contracts.

The Mühlhäuser list of references includes most of the world's largest tunnelling projects, from the Channel Tunnel, through Madrid Metrosur, to the AlpTransit tunnels in Switzerland. So, whether you are in London, Athens, Los Angeles, Singapore, or a hundred other cities, the chances are that Mühlhäuser has been there before you!

Karl-H Mühlhäuser GmbH & Co KG, In den Dorfwiesen 23, D-64720 Michelstadt, Germany, tel +49 (0)6061/7009-0, fax +49 (0)6061/7009-70, e-mail or visit

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