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The original polymer structural fibers for fiber reinforced concrete.

Thanks to the experience we have acquired over 30 years in the synthetic monofilament extrusion sector, today we are the main Italian manufacturers of fibers for the construction industry. ISTRICE fibers are manufactured using pure, high density and resistant materials, designed to replace metal wire-meshes, as secondary reinforcement and concomitant to the primary structural reinforcement of concrete. ISTRICE fibers are unique and patented, manufactured in our facilities and the fruit of Italian design, research and technology. For the tunneling industry, iSTRICE offers 2 specific products: iBETON and iSHOOTS


Fibers for fiber-reinforced concrete.

iBETON is a polymer structural fiber designed to improve the durability and mechanical properties of concrete. iBETON fibers reduce and in some cases totally eliminate cracking due to plastic shrinkage, while increasing resistance to flexion, ductility and resistance to wear in concrete. In contrast to traditional metallic reinforcements, these fibers do not corrode, are not magnetic and are totally resistant to all types of aggressive agents, because they are chemically inert. They have a real structural function, and can therefore effectively replace metallic mesh or fibers. iBETON fibers comply with the standards set forth in Standard UNI EN 14889-2 for structural use in concrete, and obtained EC marking with only 3 kg/m3. An even distribution of IBETON fibers in concrete creates effective three dimensional reinforcement, resolving the difficult problem of correct positioning of metallic meshes. Furthermore, the non-metallic nature of synthetic IBETON fibers allows operators to eliminate the risks connected with the handling and the application of metal wire-meshes or of metal fibers.



  • rigid concrete floors
  • floors subjected to heavy loads or elevated dynamic loads
  • parking areas and airport runways
  • storage areas
  • foundation layers
  • decks and floor slabs
  • extruded roadway structures (curbs, French gutters and traffic barriers)

Fibers for sprayed concrete.

ISHOTS fibers were designed for use in sprayed concrete mixes and are an excellent alternative to metallic fibers and mesh. Even in larger doses, ISHOTS fibers do not create sediment and do not clog or create wear in pumps. An even distribution of ISHOTS fibers within concrete creates effective three dimensional reinforcement. The fibers are also particularly convenient for:

  • resistance to corrosion, chemical inertia and substantial inalterability over time; the polymers used are not subject to falls in performance levels once mixed with concrete
  • non hygroscopic, or rather the fiber is perfectly inert and does not alter water/cement ratios
  • does not create holes in waterproof tarps in tunnels
  • serves as an anti-spalling element in case of fire (see CNR-DT 204/06)
  • does not have elastic splash-back
  • light and easy to transport, store, handle and use
  • does not attract electromagnetic radiation, does not produce sparks and reduces eddy currents
  • high safety levels in the worksite: does not cause lesions or injuries during installation or use ISHOTS fibers satisfy the requirements set forth by Standard UNI EN 14889-2 for structural use in concrete. ISHOTS fibers were used for tunnel pre-covering phases in the most important Italian roads.


  • sprayed concrete in general
  • pre-covering in tunnels
  • consolidation of excavation fronts
  • soil retention
  • consolidation of walls