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In the tunnelling industry, Gjerstad is best known for its unique side-dumping bucket designs, which facilitate loading of dumptrucks and crushers in confined spaces. These are extremely strong, and feature a high quality cylinder with end cushion. Mucking out time is at least 25% less than with other methods, and tyre wear and fuel consumption are reduced, resulting in more tunnel for less cost, with an environmental advantage. More than 90% of tunnel contractors in Norway use side-dumping buckets from Gjerstad, together with an increasing number of clients worldwide.

Side-dumping buckets from 2 cu m to 7.5 cu m are manufactured, to match the biggest loader in proportion to the available space. Gjerstad will recommend the best size of loader and bucket for any tunnel profile.

Gjerstad products are developed in close contact and consultation with machinery contractors, machinery manufacturers and steel suppliers, resulting in tough equipment capable of withstanding rough treatment over a very long life. The target has always been to build the most efficient tool, matched to the machine and the material to be handled.

Experienced Gjerstad design engineers, who are continuously engaged in developing new concepts and improving existing products, also undertake commissions for special purpose equipment in collaboration with clients.

The company also manufactures a wide selection of buckets for loaders and excavators, together with several models of quick couplers. Excavator buckets are available in all sizes for all jobs, and with a variety of teeth configurations for good penetration and breaking. All are made of high quality wear resistant steel. Loader buckets are supplied for all applications with straight, Vee or spade nose edge, and can be delivered with teeth or bolt-on wear plates.

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Gjerstad Intera AS, Brokelandsheia, N-4993 Sundebru, Norway, tel +47 37 11 9100, fax +47 37 11 9101, e-mail, or visit

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