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We turn data into information

The GEODATA group is an innovative and customer oriented international supplier of integrated, IT-based solutions and services for monitoring, engineering surveying and information technology. As an independent company with more than 20 years of experience, GEODATA supports private and public clients in the sustainable improvement of their quality, reliability and profitability.

GEODATA is a global leader in the field of geotechnical measurements and all measuring tasks required for underground construction. The company with several branch offices around the world offers flexible and customer-oriented solutions as system supplier, service provider and consultant.

Comprehensive scope of services for tunnelling

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Network and control surveys

Creation of basic and fundamental project networks as well as tunnel networks by means of GNSS and terrestric technologies; Controlsurveys and azimuth detection with Gyromat 2000.

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Heading and construction surveys

Heading control for conventional tunnelling (NATM) with motor laser systems; Supply and supervision of TBM and road header guidance systems; Control of the formwork carriage geometry and setting out for the inner lining, cross passages, caverns and all types of underground structures.

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Profile control measurements and systems

These systems deliver discrete points or area-spanning surveys for comparing planned against actual conditions by means of total stations or laser scanners; analysis and presentation of the results in graphic and numerical form including mass calculations.

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Geotechnical monitoring and instrumentation

Optical 3D-displacement monitoring; supply, installation and monitoring of instruments; manual and automatic data acquisition.

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Information technology and surveying software

Tunnel information system for handling all relevant data during the life time of a construction; Specialised surveying software for underground application.