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Continental Crushing & Conveying
the driving force in materials handling

Continental is a progressive combination of well-known names Meco, Huwood and FSW, forming a company that combines underground and surface conveying expertise with vast experience of materials handling. In the business of designing and manufacturing conveyor components and systems for over 90 years. Now part of the Joy Global Group Inc, CCL produces a comprehensive range for all projects, from the smallest of concepts to major trunk and drift conveying operations. For tunnelling, CCL provides the full range of haulage equipment, including TBM trailing tail sections, powerful drives, heavy-duty conveyors that negotiate curves, belt storage units, booster drives, and high-angle shaft conveyors.
Whether for mining, tunnelling, overland, curved, steep-angle, or vertical applications, Continental has the answer.


The following range of Continental products is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.
Overland Conveyors - straight and curved with open-type drives.
Underground Conveyors - compact and robust configurations, with proper maintenance access and easily transportable.
High Angle Conveyors (HAC) - for steep to vertical lifts, employing standard conveyor components and simple, unique sandwich belt principle.
Drive Systems-designed to be modular in construction for ease of maintenance and adaptability allowing reuse from project to project.
Drums & Pulleys - designed and manufactured as integral units for all duties, using CAD.
Idler Sets, Rollers and Structure - constant innovation has helped Continental products rank with the best in the world.
Tension Devices - hydraulic tensioning systems for automatic belt tensioning and smooth starts.
Extensible Cassette System - allows continuous face operation, even during lengthening and retraction.
Spreaders, Stackers and Trippers are also supplied.

Drums & Pulleys

Idler Sets

The Power in Tunnelling

Guadarrama, Spain


Continental has more than 20 major tunnel installations of up to 15 km-long to its credit. Commencing with Chicago Tunnel and Reservoir Plan (TARP) in 1990, Continental went on to equip Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), and Noranda and Stillwater mine tunnels. In Australasia, Manapouri in New Zealand and Northside Storage in Australia, both time- and environmentally-sensitive schemes, were brought to successful conclusions. In mainland Europe, two installations have been supplied to AlpTransit Mitholz, Switzerland for use in a drill/blast environment; two to Guadarrama, Spain following large hardrock TBMs; and one each to Barcelona and Abdalajis. In the UK, both current projects at Heathrow Airport use Continental, and six installations have been supplied to three contractors on Channel Tunnel Rail Link. For a full list of references, visit

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