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CIFA, a company of the Zoomlion Group

is one of the leading world players in the construction equipment industry and represents one of the most attractive suppliers of goods and equipment to customers worldwide.

The company has experienced fast and impressive growth during the past two years, both by organic expansion and through important acquisitions.

Heavy investment in research, development and quality have combined CIFA's substantial know-how and experience with cutting-edge innovation and creativity, producing long lasting results.Worldwide partnership with a network of highly skilled and experienced dealers, and strong investment in marketing and sales, are the guarantee that CIFA is close to it's customers all over the world.

Passion, honesty, know-how and strong financial resources are the values that make Zoomlion Group into a solid foundation for customers in the construction equipment industry, even during difficult times.A daily passion for doing a good job guides every step and every choice of Zoomlion Group people, making sure we are ready
for any new challenges

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CIFA SpA, Via Stati Uniti d'America, 26 20030, Senago (MI), I

Tel. +39.02.990131 Fax. +39.02.9981157