Minova CarboTech - Injection Resins and Bolts
for Tunnel Construction, Specialized Underground
Works and Civil Engineering
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Minova CarboTech GmbH, a subsidiary of the English Minova International group, is operating world-wide for more than 40 years in underground and mining works with systems and products for waterproofing, consolidation, sealing, bolting, crack and joint repairing, bonding and cavity filling.

1. Resins for different applications - Our experience in this specific activity allowed us to develop a wide range of products:

  • Dual and single Component Polyurethane resins
    CarboPur systems:

    safe and reliable adhesion characteristics, even on wet surfaces, range from low to very fast setting systems and have a high compressive and tensile strength. Mainly used as waterproof injection, soil consolidation, and structural bonding.
    CarboCrackSeal systems:
    elastic long setting resin systems suitable for injection of small joints and cracks, according to the German regulation ZTV-RISS.
    CarboStop / CarboAdd systems:
    manageable reaction behaviour, suitable for quick waterproofing in joints, small cavities and soil consolidation.

  • Silicate systems
    GEO systems:
    dual component silicates specially designed for advancing injection at the tunnel front with stabilization, waterproofing and void filling purposes prior to the excavation. The non foaming version is suitable for grouting and strong bonding of anchors and plates while the flexible version is a non-foaming, elastic material with extreme adhesive strength even on damp surfaces ideal for the bonding of joints and grouting of faulted areas.

  • Methacrylate Gels
    Due to their very low viscosity properties, the dual component methacrylate systems CarboCryl are used mainly for waterproofing and sealing of very thin cracks and for the consolidation of very fine soils.

Due to their specific properties, the polyurethane, silicate and acrylic systems from Minova CarboTech assure high performances in both static and dynamic applications and thus great affordability in the solution of problems in geotechnical field and waterproofing, in tunnelling, underground works and civil engineering in general.

Main Applications of Minova CarboTech Resins:

  • Consolidation and anchoring of loose ground
  • Sealing of severe gas and water ingress
  • Crack Grouting in existing structures
  • Void filling
  • Injection to counteract hydraulic ground seepage
  • Foundation Underpinning
  • Structural Bonding in buildings, dams and bridges
  • Injection hose grouting in concrete
  • Crack sealing and renovation of water and sewer systems
  • Deep injections with sleeve pipes


2. Bolts for different applications - Various types of bolts suitable for injection with different resins for applications in mining, tunnelling and civil engineering

  • WIBOREX injection drill bolt
    The WIBOREX injection drill bolt is suitable for any type of drilling that previously required cased-in drilling such as in decomposed rock, boulders and rubble, construction rumble, gravel, sand, as well as cohesive ground. The higher the risk of a borehole collapsing or running off centres, the higher the benefit of using the WIBOREX injection bolts.
  • WIBOLT EXP friction bolt for use in tunnelling and mining. This bolt reaches its load capacity immediately after the placing in the borehole. Due to its specially folded production form the WIBOLT EXP friction bolt has high flexibility. Various diameters of boreholes can be served with only a few dimensions of bolts. Resins or grouts are not required for the fastening of the anchor.

  • WIBOLT rock bolts
    The WIBOLT SN-Bolts are used not only for tunnelling and ground works but also for various renovation works. The SN-bolt is a complete rod anchor made of serrated concrete steel. Other qualities can be provided for specific cases.

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  • GRP bolts
    The individual elements of our GRP bolts consist of fibre reinforced composite materials and are manufactured using the latest production technologies. This material offers high mechanical solidity and favourable long-term behaviour for the anchor.
    We offer different types of GRP bolts for every kind of application.
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3. Equipment
Minova CarboTech can supply equipment designed for use in tunnelling, civil engineering work and small scale renovation works. It has also a complete range of accessories, including high pressure hoses, borehole packers and injection anchors to the application of the materials in perfect technical and safety conditions. Clearly, accurate investigation and analysis of our customer's individual and exact requirements is our first priority. The initiation of a technical analysis can be arranged by Minova CarboTech directly or our local representatives worldwide.

Minova CarboTech is at your disposal to give you more detailed information. Please contact:

Minova CarboTech GmbH
Am Technologiepark 1
D - 45307 Essen, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)201 - 172 1038
Fax: +49 (0)201 - 172 1317
Internet: www.minova-ct.com

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