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ALWAG offers a complete program of products for mining and tunnelling. Products after international quality standard combined with a mature logistic make it possible for ALWAG to react immediately to customer needs. The strength of the company are customer-tailored system solutions which are implemented fast and flexible.

Safety and patent solutions for problem zones is their strength. Most of them outcomes directly in practise on site.

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AT- Systems for Pipe umbrellas, Drainage and Injection systems


ALWAG - TECHMO set an exceptional milestone in the history of Forepoling systems technology by developing the AT Pipe roof systems with standard tube diameters of 76, 89, 114, 139, 168 mm tube outside diameter. The long experienced AT-System solution drastically scales back costs and the time required. Compared to conventional products, the AT full system solution is designed to meet customer's individual needs. The new innovative system includes AT-Drainage system and AT-Injection system with fibre-glass tubes. Special attachments are available to automate the AT Pipe roof system.

The drilling systems brought by AT rank among the most modern capped drilling systems in the international market.

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AT- Automation for Pipe Roof Umbrellas

Safety, protection, and time saving are vital factors AT take into account when developing, planning, and implementing their product systems. Innovative, remote-controlled AT automation warrants for greater safety at work, reduces ancillary times, features a smaller saw tooth profile for pipe roof umbrellas and reduces the amount of staff needed. AT automation: safe, quick and inexpensive.

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AT-Power set (selfdrilling friction bolt)

The AT-Power set is a selfdrilling friction bolt for the Mining- and Construction- Industry. The range of application is very wide and the advantage is the higher safety to install the AT-Power set compare to other bolts. The installation of the AT-Power set is simultaneously with the drilling of the hole and the bolt is set. The elastic characteristic of these bolt will accept movements by the surrounding rock without loosing its pull out capacity. An automation for approximate 6-7 bolts will be available to install bolts by use of remote controlled commands.
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IBO Self Drilling Anchors

These are fully threaded, hollow core, cold rolled anchors with continuous outside thread suitable for attaching bits and couplings, which also forms a superb mortar connection. They are supplied with couplings, anchor plates and nuts, and five bit designs are available.

IBO Self Drilling Anchors are used for temporary and permanent stabilization in NATM; retaining walls in confined spaces; and slope stabilization for roads, railways, and tunnel portals.

Whether used in cohesive or non-cohesive ground, the IBO anchor can be grouted and then stressed and locked off with a hexagonal nut and plate. Advantages are: similar installation for all ground conditions; no casing required; fast drilling and anchoring in a single operation; choice of bits and anchor loads; and hollow core for high-volume flushing and grouting.

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IBI Self Drilling Anchors

IBI face support anchors are similar in specification to the IBO anchor, but with a continuous inside thread, while the couplings have a continuous outside thread. This allows a post grouting coupling with a pressed middle stop to be inserted into the drillstring, with a rubber cuff that creates a post grouting valve for multiple re-injections. This affords a means of consolidation of the most fractured and non-cohesive ground.

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Rotation Injection Anchor

This attachment stabilises the drill hole during installation of the IBO / IBI anchor, and facilitates a full mortar covering in the annulus. It allows boring and injection in one step, giving a high flush and injection quantity through its large internal cross-section, while saving time on connections. A mixer pump is available, for all materials up to 7 mm and a pumping pressure of up to 40 bar.

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AT products are currently used in Austria, Australia, Chile Croatia, Germany, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland Taiwan and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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