Palmieri Group


A global partner for all your tunnelling and drilling needs. Palmieri provides premium products and solutions to a wide range of tunnelling and drilling industries as well as to international contractors worldwide.

Founded almost 40 years ago in Italy, Palmieri has grown to become a truly international supplier of highly specialized and tailormade products and solutions for civil engineering companies through a global network.

Our commitment to first class technologies and high quality service continues today with diversified companies, each one specializing in a very specific field but synergically operating to provide what we deem to be an unparalled level of expertise.

Palmieri S.p.a:

Disc cutters, drag bits, teeth, saddles and consumables for horizontal and vertical drilling equipment of all types and makes, including large TBMs, microtunnelling units, raise boring and horizontal drilling heads and equipment.

Palmieri Tunnelling Drilling:

Design and manufacture of a wide range of tunnelling and drilling equipment including:

  • Cutterheads from 800 mm up to 10 m in diameter.
  • TBM refurbishment, alterations and modifications
  • Remotely controlled microtunnelling units
  • Auxiliary tunnelling equipment such as muck cars, flat cars, segment handling devices, mixers and grouting cars to standard design, or tailormade for specific needs.

Palmieri Group strengths

Production Facilities

Palmieri Group is the only supplier in the tunnelling and drilling business to own and run its own private forging facility. This results in the absolute best delivery times in the industry, with stringent quality controls on materials and parts, since these are not outsourced.

State-of-the-art technology

All our companies and their production facilities, either Forging or Tunnelling Division, are equipped with latest generation CAD-CAM, CNC and Robotized handling systems so as to guarantee the highest possible level of accuracy and precision. Palmieri Group has the largest and the most advanced CNC department in the industry by far.

Our large field experience

Our dedication to the specific tunnelling and drilling spare parts and equipment technology is unrivalled and that's why Palmieri manufactures and sell more consumables than all its competitors. Nobody in the industry has such wide knowledge and everyday working experience on so many different jobsite situations, case histories, applications and utilizations.

That's because nobody in the world supplies, repairs and assists with as many products for so many different jobsites as Palmieri. No matter whether they are hard rock open head, EPB, slurry or microtunnelling machines, we know more because we are active in more projects than anybody else.

Highest flexibility

Tunnelling and drilling are tough businesses requiring fast reactions for finding quick and correct solutions to complex and unexpected problems. Our ability to respond to clients’ needs by delivering alternative or personalized solutions is virtually unparalleled. After hearing from you about the jobsite situation, we are capable of conceiving, designing, manufacturing and delivering alternative problem-solving solutions in days, while most of our competitors require weeks just to get technical drawings made and submitted to their clients.

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